Swingweight, can it be bad?

I have put my 1990s Apex blades in for a refit with X100s and bent “lag flat”. I asked about swingweight and if they could be brought up to lags specs and they advised against as it could cause me an injury (had a neck problem a few years ago)

Is there any cause for concern?

Your club fitter and doctor are the same person?

He was talking with the assistant pro about it, and the sport therapist who I used to see said heavier clubs would be a bad idea for me, but she knows not a great deal about the swing, or what we are doing in ABS

I’m no doctor, but swinging something light around your body is just as likely to rupture something as swinging something a little heavier. Now if it was an axe you were wielding there’d be cause for concern, but a heavier golf club? Sounds a bit over-careful to me.