Super Bowl- ABS style

While the entire world was watching the endless array of pre-game nonsense regarding the super bowl, there are much
better things to do. Although we don’t always get this carried away, hoganut and I had a bit of fun on the range this morning/afternoon.
Of course, we always have fun, but we brought a few extra tools to the party today.
Just a few glimpses—


I am always kinda messy…hoganut is neater, but we get a little carried away when we are trying new (old) stuff, or
clubs we haven’t hit in awhile. We love it when people walk or ride by, look at all the different clubs and shake their heads!!
I have had the urge to yell out-“you don’t need a special screwdriver for these babies” !


Just the usual at our place…you can’t see them all…Apex’s, Dyna’s, Mac’s, Hagen ultras laying somewhere…

BT-SB woods.JPG

just a sample—MacG, Wood Bros, Penna, and a special piece i will write about later…


This my favorite—this is the Driver that hoganut scammed off of me—says he traded me some hoganPC 8 iron—I just can’t remember that deal!!!
Anyway, he hits the sumbiatch REALLY well…I was out with him when he broke 80 with blades and this old thing…Well, naturally, the lead weight popped out somewhere along the line, and like any ABS member, we just find a way…so what you see is two .38 bullets melted down, and covered lovingly with some lead tape. Looks beautiful, doesn’t it?

Fun times —thanks Tommy


Heh, no drinkin’ light beer at ABS. It’s also gotta be flat.

Damn, bentshaft, I’m live blogging Super Bowl on FB, but just checked in here. You made my evening.

Fun times for sure. You’re welcome Bent/Bob. I want to add just a little more to Bentshaft’s post. He was gracious enough Sunday to bring out BOTH of his Wood Bros. Texans. He has a “new” 3 wood that is just a pure joy to hit. In the second pic in the middle is an Hogan Bounce Sole with the pin removed. Bentshaft is working on reshafting the set with apex 4’s, adjusting the lies and weighting them to my specs. (Going to TGRA next year). In the third picture is a white canister filled with an assortment of balata’s. Bob bought them for us to use on the persimmons. I think he had 600, we’re down to about 200. (We’ll steal 'em back after they get circulated into the range buckets). Around noon or so, the “kid” comes over to our mess. He hit every wood we brought. He likes the MacGregor I stole from Bent the best. Just wait until I get my hands on those Bounce Soles.

I typed TGRA, I meant TRGA

ffs, don’t let Arnie see this!

What do you think of those 98 Apex blades? Too much offset or do they look ok? (I’m wondering if those were the last designs before they started making everything look game improvement whether it’s a MB or not).

This is what some rooms in my house look like when I get tanlged up in the clubs and they spill all over! :laughing:

Great stuff!

I love the 98 apex. Solid with buttery feel. The clubs I have do not have offset. When you sight down the center of the shafts, they all align with the 3rd goove from the bottom. I bought them used on ebay, so the offset may have been modified. They were 1/2 inch long as well. With Bentshafts’ help our club owner cut them to standard length. We bent them 3 degrees flat and 1 degree weak. After cutting and re-gripping the swingweights are D2.5. Spec for my 5 iron after cutting/bending = 30 loft, 57 lie, 37.75 length. We did have a lot fun Sunday.

Too late - MELTDOWN !! :mrgreen:

Great post Bent! Thanks for sharing, sounds like a real trip. Thanks for sharing.