Student of mine- showing some great form

One of assistants in my shop has been working hard on the ABS Modules for approx 18 months or so now.
When I first got the job here and we met up he had a large hook that became uncontrollable at times and a few shanks would creep in also at times.
He decided he wanted to learn more about the swing as he would watch me give some lessons. he is strong and works out a lot so the thought of modules really appealed to him as it felt like a workout for him but with a golf club…
To cut a long story short…last weekend I organized the County Amateur to be played at my course and talked ‘flatlies’ into entering… Let it be known he is 23 years old and hasn’t played an event for close to 6 years!!
So with renewed confidence from the module work he decided to enter and play the event… He shot 75 the first day (with 4 three putts)…73 on Day 2 … and a 67 in the final round after tearing out of the blocks at 6 under through the first 8 holes.
Even without playing ANY competitive golf for 6 years his swing held up great because his body became fine tuned to the motion and the pressure or fear of playing an event didn’t hold him back. He came 8th in the event and will now represent the Greenville County in a Ryder Cup format event against a neighboring County in October.
So that’s all great stuff and I was very happy for him as he put the work in and reaped the rewards for his efforts.
I am sure he will come on and post his thoughts about it all.

Hey everybody let me just say that I am happy about the way I played, but even more excited that my swing held up in a tournament using ABS! Gotta especially thank Two for showing me how to swing properly and putting up with my loads of questions about the swing. Trust me, I am not posting this to try and prove that I am a good player or anything like that, just wanted to give proper credit to Lag and Two for how great HITTING the ball using this method is.

My club set up that I played with was by ABS specs, they are 1986 Macgregor Jack Nicklaus irons. X300 shafts, 6 degrees flat, and heavy. 3-5 iron are D6, 6-9 iron are D8, PW is E0, GW and SW are E4. Drivers were Titleist 975D(Twos) with X steel shaft, and Taylormade 510(Twos) with X graphite shaft 83 grams. Have been training with Hogan Apex persimmon driver and Hogan Speed Slot persimmon 4 wood. The reason that I posted all of my equipment is to show that I have been using it for the past year along with modules and it works. I heard all of the funny comments from my friends and members that I was crazy to be practicing with persimmon, and that NOBODY plays clubs that are set up that flat(Except for the greatest ballstriker ever of course). They always ask why I didn’t have a frying pan, and told me that steel shafts in woods made no sense. What is the reason for all the weight on the irons, and blades are too hard to hit they said. They did not ask those questions when I played well, they just understood.

My point is simple, this stuff works. 67 is my lowest 18 hole score ever, and it came in a tournament. I have had low 9 hole rounds many times, but something in my swing use to always break down under the pressure of being around 5 or 6 under. There was no break down this time, in fact I hit it better and closer on the back 9 but did not putt as well. If anybody is in doubt about ABS or struggling in some way with it I am sure that I have dealt with it. Be patient and stick with it, you can’t go wrong with Lag and Two

Thanks for sharing your success with us. This gives us all more inspiration to strive even harder during the up’s and down’s of our training.


That’s exciting to hear, flatlies. That’s where I hope to be in a year or so. Keep up the good work!

Hey “Player”, way to go !!!
That is some awesome shooting. Congrats, congrats, congrats.
I’ll vouch for you doing some hard time with the impact bag… THHWACK …
so I am really happy to hear that you are reaping the rewards and making the boss proud.

Now you definitely need to pimp those ‘old’ clubs and have them bedazzled before the big matches in Oct.
However, you should know, it’s not just for clubs anymore. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Congratulations Flatlies, really wonderful to hear that you did so well and due credit to you for working had as well as to Lag and Two. Nice job! :smiley:

Cheers, Arnie

Very modest, flatlies. Regardless of intent…you’re a player to be sure. Well done and an inspiration to be sure!

Interesting that the Titleist 975D is one of your drivers. I’ve been using mine for the past month (putting away the driver that replaced it some years ago…the Taylor Made R7). While my 975D does not have a steel shaft, the head (albeit larger) is very persimmon shaped and sits flat quite easily. Solid, heavy, and extremely accurate with ABS protocols. It’s a great club if you still want plenty of distance.

Captain Chaos

That’s an inspiring story about your work and progress flatlies, thanks for posting.

The equipment info is interesting too. I also have the 975 D, kinda a baby frying pan,and get periodic ridicule and advice saying " you need to upgrade your tech." I did try a much lighter and bigger Adams frying pan about 3 years ago and results were instantly disastrous. This was “pre-ABS” for me, and I had no idea what the cause could be… the driver shot pattern was like a different, much worse golfer was hitting it. Made me want to vomit…so it went to the closet. For sale if anyone wants it. *Warning: Lag has determined it may cause swing cancer( as well as nausea).

My plan however is to go the other way…use the persimmon more.

Exactly why I use the 975 captain. Head shape similar to persimmon but bigger, and sits flatter than new metal woods. Also Two has cut the shaft so that when it goes into the head(bore through shaft insert on the 975) the last step of the shaft is only 2 inches about the neck of the club. The club gives you no distance unless you wait to pressure the shaft right before impact, if you decide to accelerate too early the results are not pleasing. Similar to a persimmon but still not as hard to hit.

On Tuesday at the Masters saw Mr. 59, Al Geiberger. He hit every fairway and every green at Colonial playing 7,249 yards. Made me think of this round in the tournament above that could have come close with some putts, that would not have been possible without ABS and still the best ball striking round I have had. I have not played a round in 6 months and only about 20 rounds since the tournament, but module more than ever. Been going to the range much more than I use to because I am hitting it better than ever. Imagine that, have not been playing any golf and not going to the range to figure something out or practice, but going for the joy of hitting it well.

I have been posting more than usual because it passed a test this winter. No range practice, no play for 4 months then started going to the range weekly 2 months ago. Only the modules that I am specifically working on, the training is solid. Same as the tournament, did not play much before. All module 3 the month before the tournament, and if there was a swing thought that was it.

I am going to detail some of the round below because I could hit it solid before ABS, but nothing like the accuracy dependability and ease I hit it that day. There is no way I could of hit it this well without ABS. Writing this up to encourage some players that might be starting or have been in ABS. Before ABS I was not a natural, took much more work and longer than everyone else to improve, use to hit balls and play all day when I was a younger. Got to where I could hit it solid, but with no consistency. Searched on the range and course for it, but did not get it. Played about 4 rounds in two years before Two came to work there, did not enjoy golf much then. Maybe Two sensed that and decided to teach me, do not know but am grateful he did.The last tournament I played was a small one day event 6 years before this one, I shot 30 51 to give an idea of a swing breaking down.

Hole 1 Par 4- Fairway, hit inch from hole. Birdie
Hole 2 Par 5- Fairway, 20 feet in 2. Birdie
Hole 3 Par 4- Fairway, 5 feet. Birdie
Hole 4 Par 4- Fairway, 10 feet. Birdie
Hole 5 Par 3- Green, 10 feet lipout. Par
Hole 6 Par 4- Fairway, 6 feet lipout. Par
Hole 7 Par 4- Fairway, 12 feet. Birdie
Hole 8 Par 3- Green, 6 feet. Birdie
Hole 9 Par 5- Fairway, but I went against my ABS.
Should have went for green from 240.
Tried to hit easy 3 iron lay up, similar
to Norman at Masters. Hands did not
know what to do, shanked it and almost
hit the guys I was playing with.
3 putt. Double
Hole 10 Par 4- Fairway, 12 feet. Par
Hole 11 Par 5- Fairway, 6 feet lipout. Par
Hole 12 Par 4- Fairway, 4 feet edge. Par
Hole 13 Par 4- Fairway, 4 feet edge. Par
Hole 14 Par 3- Green, 20 feet. Par
Hole 15 Par 5- Fairway, 20 feet 2 putt. Birdie
Hole 16 Par 4- Fairway, 3 feet I suck. Par
Hole 17 Par 3- 20 feet on fringe, miss 6 feet. Bogey
Hole 18 Par 4- Fairway, 3 feet. Birdie

Posting this because I am not this good, but ABS is this good. Did everything Two said to the word, and worked hard. It is the best way to train for golf, you do not have to think in a tournament about the swing. Its there because you have trained it. You do not think to lift a weight, you just lift it. In 2 months you can lift a heavier weight. Same thing, progressive. I am still doing ABS, hitting irons that are flatter and heavier than the ones I played in this tournament. I am going to test in some tournaments when I can as this is where it shines. Anybody on here can do this if you train the modules.

Someone quoted Bob Rotella…something like “you can’t play better than you are”. That is something to think about.

So, according to him, you ARE that good now. And looks like ABS has played a big role.

Great round!!

Can you post some DTL and front swings?

Yea eagle, would say ABS is the key. The way Lag has it is cool because of the way you can practice. The difference is that you can practice when it is dark, raining, cold. You do not have to go anywhere, my girlfriend thinks I am crazy doing modules at midnight when I am not sleeping. A student Two taught before going to Australia is not in high school, but made the team. He was shocked how well he played and thought he would be a back up, then he played better than the tournament players and is playing matches. Cool stuff.

I am going to Tinman, think I treat phone technology like ABS. For me vintage is better, have an old phone that does not break and always works, saves me $1,000 per year in bills. My girlfriend has an iphone I will use when I can get out there, we have had about 160 players out today keeping me working. I will ask Two if he has any old swings on his computer, we only went to the range twice to work on the swing with video and the rest was all modules. I would like to find out what everyone on here thinks, and might be able to get some good advice. This is the only site I post on, seems that there are very smart players on here with great knowledge of ABS and how it works.

Yes, pre and post module swing would be nice to see.

Just curious with your equipment, you mentioned playing flattened irons but what about your woods? Is your 975D flattened or stock?

Two has not found the pre module swings or after the first 3 modules yet, said he has to go through files. The 975 is not flattened, think it is 43 inches and plays some flatter than standard but nothing like the irons. I have not hit metal in 6 months, this is one of the reasons I switched to persimmon only until tournaments. I have been hitting many woods on the range, favorites are Hogan driver 1954 M85 3 wood. I am training with some of the old persimmons, guessing early 30s models that I have are much flatter and heavy. They are close to my irons, makes me realize how much stonger I have to get my pivot with the driver. When I am swinging well I can flush the super flat irons, but be way off with the super flat persimmons. Think Lag said this is where nobody came close to Hogan.

Yes I agree about hitting flat heavy irons more easily than flat heavy woods (I bought me ABS woods 1,3,4). Struggling with the woods as they are going all over the place. Lag says I’m still coming in too steep. I still don’t have the strength to control something that heavy and long(ish).

Though I just had a light bulb moment a few days ago that I want to bring to the range (rotating the wrist open coming into P3 and then hitting with my chi).

Saeed ABS 003aaa.jpgSaeed ABS 002aaa.jpghello my name is Saeed, that was a great read of your work and accomplishment with the ABS modules,it was so inspiring I to plan to become a part of this ABS system (soon). I have already made me a impact bag soon I will be working my first 3 Mod’s, is there anything you could share with me (picture’s,video’s) that i could watch and practice on my bag until I come on board.Thank you

As perfect as that impact bag looks I would try have some give in it- some room around the edges. Looks very firm without give in it. Heavy but soft . The clubhead needs a little room to work into. If it is too packed and firm the club will bounce and jar your hands and wrists and arm

Much play here has kept me off of the site for the last week, just ask Two about April and May tournaments at Pebble Creek. 5 tournaments in 6 days starting tom. He might have had a 59 here from the senior tees during one such tournament 2 years ago, called a bluff on a bet by the members.

The impact bag here he made has carpet in it, he has also said towels can work. I will confirm again that he moduled much here for doubters, think it is good to know that he was specific with his motions. The points that stand out to me were that he liked to work module 1 and 3 with right and left hand individually along with combined, he would work the weaker more to catch it up. “Right arm stays pinned” like a record player for module 1, look at Hogan. Specific to make sure the hands started left correctly on module 3, make sure the body rips left into upward PV5 while training module 2. He was specific with how the knees function in tandem with the free ride down for module 6. Will post more as I think of them.

Hey Saeed, glad your here. There is a founders club 1 iron we use here Two made for module 1, 10 degrees flat. You can become a player with modules 1-3. Module 3 is my favorite and I think the ultimate must have for accurate ball striking when training to be a hitter. When you do the modules be specific with training, much like a weight lifter can do bench press and work chest, front shoulders, or triceps. All are worked but different variations put more strain on each. Lag and Two are specific, the details matter.