To those people who love to sign up with bogus names and come on the site and write things such as…dhbcihdwbifhdwu9hfew8ygfewhfu9hwi0fjewi0fjhwi0qwdbsqwbd8ybQWU8YDQHUYBCDFHUEBCUF…at least make it interesting and legible so we may gain something from it… if you need the 1c per post you receive from your site you are employed by to post spam on the internet…here’s $20

I just saw the copious quantity of spam you just deleted… I hope it’s not getting out of control–I’ve seen many forums close down because of spammers.

Im sure Lag will put more security or restraints for people wanting to join. Barrier of entry for those wanting to join may be harder, but it would keep most of the spammers out, or you would think. Some forums wont let you post, until u have been a member for like 10 days…

Looks like another one showed up. It seems to have become a much bigger deal lately.

The jibberish is being posted by a mindless computer program. We don’t get a lot of human spammers.
There are ways to fight it with other programs… but they would require this forum to “upgrade” to the latest and greatest
PHPBB protocol which can run the risk of such things are completely deleting this entire forum and other undesirable outcomes.

I’m looking into what can be done.

It does seem to be becoming more and more of a constant irritant.

Hard to believe people write these kind of software programs. I’m just glad I don’t know who they are. :smiling_imp:

Certainly not worth the risk of deleting the entire forum over some spammers. Must be a real headache for you guys though.

Sign of the times, I guess it’s been going on for a while but I just heard about the pocket card readers going around malls & such stealing not only credit card info but Social Security Numbers off the megnetic strips on Drivers Licenses. I still haven’t traded in my NV license for a CA one, I know I had the ability to keep my SSN off my NV DL, hopefully I’ll have the same option on my new old CA license application. It is at this point completely impossible to unplug from this Huxleyan psychotic society, I’m sure by this point there’s a satellite or twelve stealing IDs by fingerprint scans from orbit. Disgusting. I wonder how long it will take for sites like this one to be declared enemies of the state & shut down for anti-“capitalist” viewpoints. It is a matter of time. Props on fighting the good fight though, definitely appreciated.

Worth mentioning while we’re here, along the same lines as card readers and false ATM fronts, the internet cafe equivalent is the hardware keyboard logger. If you have access to the back of the PC, always ensure the cable from the keyboard goes unbroken into the PC. These things record your every keystroke without cafe’s security software having any idea.

Here’s one common form of them:


And there are others that are more cable like so the join can be hidden behind the table somewhere.

If you see one, take it–they’re not that cheap. Plus you’ll be stopping the thief getting confidential data from users of that PC before you.

Amazingly we have 4 birthdays to celebrate today !!! amongst our ABS friends in Serbia and Croatia who sign up even though they are void of golf clubs



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Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Spammer
Happy Birthday to you! :smiling_imp:

I have set up the forum now so that all new members must be verified by me in advance of posting.
Since this site is about quality and not quantity of members, will give this a try to eliminate the ever increasing
spam that has been an increasing irritant over time.

Good idea Lag. Does seem to have gotten real weird lately with all that stuff. Hope it works well, sounds like it should. :slight_smile:

I may go through the members list and simply delete anyone that has not posted. If you are not going to post here, then there is no reason to be listed as an ABS member. The public can casually view the public side of ABS site without posting, signing up or being a member. The private side of ABS will continue to only be accessible by ABS students.

We of course welcome respectful participation.