Some training ideas

Had these bent down to 6 degrees flat. And found some shaft weights that really helps. Can really feel what you want to do while actually hitting a ball.

Let’s see some of your training aids


And these

I wanna see how you use that cross bow

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Ouch, what I tried to say was it delays everything and feels like a crossbow. Haha

I don’t use aids much, but here’s one that I occasionally give a whirl. The ABS forearm rotation is very similar to a baseball swing my father taught me.

Was a user of a homemade plane board until the 4:30 line came along.

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My main training aid is an old school 50’s 3 iron with zero offset and 3 strips of lead tape on the back - bent down 3 degrees flat. The shaft feels regular flex but it’s pretty heavy compared to modern day regular flex shafts. The brand is “Campbell” which was a Canadian company that once made clubs for Moe Norman.

I take it to the range and warn up with that club - every time. During the winter months I take it to the office and swing it a few times during the day. I love the feeling of accelerating that club gradually from the left hip pocket (I’m a left handed golfer) all the way to about P4.

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Been trying to find the heaviest clubs I can find that are current. Haven’t been successful

It’s really amazing how my body swings (or should i say hit) a golf club. I get so much width both sides of the ball with my old school 1960 Hogan’s. Versus the current gear. My backswing and whole form changes for the better. Not much of a lag look from front on. But it sure is more relaxing and repeatable playing wide to wide

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If you’re comfortable disassembling clubs, many can have lots of weight added easily. You can also resort to lead tape. Many heavy modern iron shafts around too.


Yeah. With my 3 iron it’s all about feel rather than how it looks on video.

If I’m feeling the acceleration building up gradually from the P3 to P4 (air swings not hitting a ball) I know I’m on the right path. Then I’ll hit a few balls and try to replicate that feel of the air swing.

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I guess they can put a metal slug down the shaft. It seems blades are the only thing they can alter. And if the snap the hosel bending them flatter than it doesn’t come out of their pockets. It’s kinda buyer beware

Adding weight will work with just about anything - tip weights, lead powder, hosels sometimes have an extra bore for weight.

Bending, yes, is another story. Just depends on how firm the metal is. I did get a set of modern blades bent 6 flat about 10 years ago and no breaks. I think they were 1025 or 1030 carbon steel, which is a relatively soft metal in golf club context.

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I seem to play my best feeling like a Steve Stricker type of motion. With a shallow of the shaft of course. But wide back and wide thru. Really feels like such a simple way to play. Very little gyrations or timing involved in it. For me anyway

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It’s odd that a company would photo shop tiger woods using their training aid.

And the second one gives me a giggle.