Sitting on the Toilet

Just wanted to share something i learned when i first started messing around with golf club lie angles. Even though i had been playing the game for 25 years, i had not realized this.

When you choke down the shaft on a golf club and stand closer to the ball, you are effectively flattening the lie on the club. When you flatten the lie on a golf club, you are effectively aiming it to the right, even if it appears to be pointing at the target. This is especially relevant with wedges. Because lie angle/face direction is more affected when more loft is involved.

For this reason, i carry 2 upright wedges, for hitting shots when standing closer to the ball.

I was discussing this with a friend, talking about how you should bend your knees more when pitching, to return the club to its designed lie angle and he said

“Remember Seve? When he was pitching, he looked like he was sitting on the toilet”

Hi Neil,

Help me out on this one. I am not sure if I understand how moving closer to the ball, even if you choke down, would effectively flatten the lie on the club? Talk us through it.

Cheers, Arnie


Try this.

Take a club and hold it as if you were going to hit a normal shot with it, (use a Sand Wedge) and imagine where the blade is pointing.

Now bring the club up through you fingers till the club is hanging vertically at the end of your toes.

Notice 2 things

the heel is in the air (the club is flat of where it should be)

and the blade is pointing up and to the right.

Now do the opposite and raise the club to shoulder height in a horizontal position, 2 things, the toe is in the air and where is the blade pointing?

Where does a ball above our feet go?

Like i said, it is more important when there is more loft.