Shaft stiffness for higher HCP player

Hi, I’m 3 weeks into Module 1 and starting to look for an old set of blades, which is not easy over here where I live in Italy, although I’m probably not looking in the right places - ebay does come up with much yet.

Anyway I have two questions:

I’m a high handicapper compared to everyone else here (17). What stiffness blades should I be using? Some blades I’ve seen have stiff shafts. Will that be too much for me or should I be looking to be improving with stiff shafts rather than regular?

What about more modern-day blades? Are they as good for this course as the older ones?

As an aside, I have been given some ladies’ MacGregor Tourney blades - no idea whether they are any good but they are ladies so probably not appropriate. I’ve had a little go with them at the range though, including the persimmon MacGregor driver. Have to say I really like putting a small club-head to the ball - there is only really one place to align the club-head to the ball as a result and I like that. With bigger club-heads you kind of wander around at address wondering where to put it. Had fun with the persimmon too. Believe it or not, I hit it better than my own driver which I hate, an 8 degree Calloway Hawk-Eye which has no feel in my hands. I had more feeling with the persimmon.

Thanks for any feedback about what shafts and whether modern blades are OK too.

The stiffer the shaft the less chance there is to throw away that shaft flex we are looking at holding into impact. I would think just about everyone should use at least Stiff shafts no matter what the handicap.

Thanks a lot Twomasters - that removes a lot of doubt I have been having. Cheers.

Any advice about modern day blades? What is good and what is to be avoided?

show me any modern blade and I will show you the 50’s or 60’s iron it was cloned off…

Most all irons are close copies of MacGregor or Hogan, or Wilson Dynas.


How about this rip off? The new Nike is a 1970 Hogan Bounce Sole.

You’ll pay $1000 for the Nike set, and about $100 or less, maybe $50 on ebay for the Bounce soles.
Up to you of course…

Thanks lag …
I’ll be looking for an older set first and foremost and failing that I’ll see what’s available of the newer blades second hand.