Shaft Lengths

Just picked up some MacGregors DX2 with the Propel Shaft #2 in them. Anyways, i compared the shaft lengths with my other clubs and they are a bit shorter. Are there any disadvantages of having shorter clubs and why did they make them shorter back then?



Clubs back then were built for accuracy, not distance. How short are they?

9i = 36"
8i = 36 1/4"
7i = 36 1/2"
6i = 37"
5i = 37 1/2"
4i = 38"
3i = 38 1/2"
2i = 38 3/4"

I already got them flatten out. I love how they look. Fits my eye very nicely!


Those are some of the nicest looking heads (golf-wise) that I have ever seen…


Very nice!

Mostly 1/2" short of Lags specs.

I would just play them for a while at that length and see if you like them, you can always extend them later if you fancy it.

Thanks! I cant wait to give em a try!