Severiano Ballesteros

The above picture labeled “Seve13” is just fantastic…what a fierce movement.


The instinctive forearm rotation and need for spine tilt at such a young age was all there.

what an inspiring and exciting player in is prime - such a shame that golfing wise his decline was so quick, yet he did so much for European Golf.
I remember being a young man, not even in my teens reading the book that many of these pics are scanned from over and over again, just hoping to pick up some seve magic, I spent ages hitting drivers off tee’s into the wind, trying not to move the tee. (it was a tip in the book - to keep the ball low)

My first ever sporting hero/icon - taken too soon.

This is one of my favorite pictures of his swing with a 5 iron he hit to 3 feet from 200+. I like how he still has the clubface square, because how well he rotated through it’s not getting rolled over and he’s getting to a very high finish. … -time.html