Serenity now

All the arguing that has broken out has created the need for a ‘quiet room’ where we can all go and count to ten!


…nine…TEN! Surprise! Found you!!! :laughing:


Captain Chaos

One of the best episodes ever…

Hey Aiguille…I did it again :laughing:

Have to place myself in this room for a bit…reason: SB944 posted comments over on Small World that I initially thought were directed at me. While I was re-reading posts the other day, it occurred to me that maybe he was referring to someone else. So…I PM’d Sb944 and he was kind enough to let me know I had indeed made an error and he was in fact directing his comments to Bom222.

2 stroke penalty on me and my warped level of presuming… :laughing:

You’re a good man, Rat. (that sounds like an impossible melding of species :wink:

Anyway, the written word can be tough to get the point across properly…even with emoticons. It doesn’t help that despite the ability to “quote”, the reply may be placed well after the good intentioned comment. However, ABS is a very unique place in the grand scope of forums of any nature.

I’m still waiting for my PM from Steb regarding my calling LCDV an ass. I guess I could have used “ninny” or “boob”. My only regret is that using the term ass may have rightfully offended CheeseDonkey! :wink:

Captain Chaos