Sasho MacKenzie Scientific Swing Plane Analysis

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Sasho is one of the rare scientifically minded golf swing observers that is taking into consideration that the swing plane is best not viewed as a plane but as a 3D model as I have stated here for years.

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Although there is a lot of technical jargon and geometry/physics in that article, it makes sense to what he is saying.

Arm swing plane doesn’t really matter (upright versus flat) that much. It is more the club swing plane in relationship to the arm swing plane.

Lower club swing plane than arm swing plane = automatic squaring up of the club face with no “hands”.
Higher club swing plane than arm swing plane = open face at impact unless hands try to square clubface.

This explains why the great ballstrikers can have such different arm swing planes on the backswing but they all have the club coming under those arm planes on the downswing. They did this by getting that right elbow low and in with forearm rotation (which got the club plane under arm plane) and by doing that, they could let the pivot/rotation square the club face for them.

Nice to have science/physics back up what you seemed to have figured out on your own there Lag. :smiley:

Lag, does this have any relation to the superslotting you have been talking about?

Based on this article, it sounds like having the club plane even more under the arm plane means even more “automatic” squaring of the clubface and also it gives the impact even more power? Of course you have to be able to handle all that extra power and deliver it to and thru the ball. :smiley:

I thought you talked about discovering the superslot by rotating the forearms even more than you thought possible and with the info in the article it seems like you got the club plane even more under the arm plane and that is where you found even more power from it.

Looking at Hogans club swing plane being on his right forearm on the downswing also shows that his club swing plane was definitely under his arm swing plane (left arm/forearm) whereas the modern swingers seem to have their club swing plane on their arm swing plane at that point.

Just some thoughts that came from reading that article. Great brain food there…

I think it’s basically the same in concept to a baseball pitcher. For a right handed pitcher, the arm is way behind on the wind up as if they are going to throw to third base. The initial path of the arms would be toward third base, then as the body rotates toward home plate, the arm gets whipped around by rotation and ends up moving into a more on plane throw toward the plate. The arm of a pitcher is certainly not moving in some kind of robotic 2D plane. There is great power in that reach back behind them toward first base, then the initial move toward third base followed by the pivot whip down the line toward the plate. There have been some amazingly accurate throwers who are not thinking plane lines, right angles or linear movement.

With the Super Slotting stuff… it’s very similar to what I just described, but flipped upside down.

Just re posting over here for convenience.

[youtube]John Erickson Golf Swing Using ABS Super Slotting Protocols - YouTube