Sam Snead - Snap with your hands

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I came across this photo and the quote seems to add something to this conversation. I take it as him saying that the hands stick to their side of the body and taken in context with the advice from that vid speaks to what you’re saying. The hands fire but they don’t cross over eachother or flip around. Like all great strikers through the ball, their left hand stays to the left and the right hand stays to the right a lot longer than CF flippers.
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Sam says it’s so? then it’s so!

Many people might observer pictures of Snead or even Hogan for that matter where they see some roll… but we need to understand that these greats are talking about what they are feeling and sensing. Snead feeling a no roll, means that if he didn’t have these intentions, it would ROLL A LOT MORE!!! The less the better, and having your intentions rooted in high ideals is what we should be striving for if we are serious about improving our technique.

Great pic als notice his pivot work strong!

I am pretty certain that photo of Snead is not him actually talking about himself.

I believe it is from an article where a bunch of players tried to explain what they though Hogan’s secret was- so it may be misleading as it is Snead’s idea on Hogan NOT Snead’s idea on Snead

Correct me if I am wrong about the photo- pretty sure though. Will try to dig it up. I think that throws some different light on the subject of that photo as it has different intent

This notion of “hands crossing” and the word flipping is a huge source of linguistic based confusion in golf instruction. I hear it on the tv broadcasts all the time, where the term “flipping” is used to describe too much forearm/wrist roll during Release. Just to be clear, that is not what I mean by the term "flipping"in my earlier posts. At Balance Point, we insist on very precise use of language, and flipping means a flattening right wrist action through Impact. One can “flip” with no forearm roll, too much forearm roll and even reverse or clockwise forearm roll. Two different animals!

And perhaps what Snead was referring to about “hands not crossing over” had nothing whatsoever to do with forearm roll - perhaps what he meant was that he - or Hogan if Two is correct here - kept both hands to the right of mid-line of the body through impact, as all great strikers too, a Law of Body Motion on all shots except one version of an L wedge flop shot. Not " crossing over" the body in other words during Release and Impact. I know that Hogan understood this and taught this to Schlee, Tscheter, Burke and a few other pros he mentored. After impact, momentum will pull the hands, and of course the entire arms, across mid-line to the left side of the chest.

Flipping can indeed be caused by Pivot Stall, but it can also be caused by an active use of the forearm and wrist muscles moving the right wrist to flatten. That kind of active flip is much more destructive and it is very common among average golfers. A little passive flip or momentum flip from a slight Pivot Stall or just a little too early Left Wall/ Pivot Decel, ie a timing issue, won’t hurt too much for the better player, ala Tom Watson or Geoff Ogilvie, who are Sweepers on all but their wedges

This kinda says it all…

From Snead’s book…

If this isn’t active hands firing, I don’t know what is… nothing passive about this feeling at all… Snead like Hogan was a hitter…
and hit hard with the right hand… TGM has NO CLAIM on Hogan or Snead… this is not right elbow thrusting stuff…