Right handers playing golf left handed

At one stage I was considered swapping to a left-hander so I could erase all ingrained nasties and start fresh. That’s not the case now as I found the antidote for lead(better) poisoning, but I continue to wonder if there’s simply more power available left handed for righties. I’ve always noticed that if I manage to center it, I hit it farther left handed. Centering however is a big problem but maybe that’s just practice.

In tennis, I hit a right backhand much harder than a right forehand and a left forehand harder than a left backhand. Football I prefer to kick with the left, martial arts more power in a left kick. It’s that rotating clockwise (as viewed from above) which just feels more powerful and seems perfect for the ABS post impact pivot thrust.

I actually measured it today throwing a stick for the dog–I average an extra 20% more distance backhanding it than throwing it forehand. That’s a couple of extra seconds resting time before the stick is dropped at my feet for the next throw.

Any transgolfers here?

I remember one of Mac O Grady’s arguments for swinging both ways was to keep a balance in the muscles to create a more harmonious symmetry within the body.

Hey there,

Im left hand dominante but strike the ball righty. I think it has helped me out overall. Especially for the short game. It puts the fine motor movements in your top hand and just lets the right (bottom) hand go along for the ride. I used to play a fair amount of chip shots with just my left hand. Same goes for my putting stroke. Left hand all the way with the right there to provide a bit of juice. The harmony between the two is what makes them go in. That and putting like you chip!

I know lag (correct me if im wrong here) likes to hit putts with his right hand. I think what it comes down to is dominant hand does the fine motor movements and off hand provides the juice. That idea has been working for me in the last few weeks but not sure if its the most logical concept.


I used to switch hitting right and lefthanded when we played softball in school. It always surprised me how i was the only one. So switching from right to left handed halfway the game used to confuse the other team :laughing: I remember there was not much difference between hitting it right or lefthanded. Maybe righthanded went a little bit better, but not significantly.

In golf i ocassionaly hit a (couple of) backhand wedge(s) on the range or in practise rounds (don’t have any lefthanded clubs). I do ok, but not more than that, but that could also be (partially) due to hitting it backhand rather than using a lefthanded club. I should really get my hands on a lefthanded 6 iron and see how i would do for 9 or 18 holes lefthanded, i always thought that would be a nice challenge.

Challenge? I’d call it masochism! :wink:

Captain Chaos

I bought a left handed 7 iron once and hit a basket of balls with it, then went straight to the course and played 9 holes just using the 7 iron and shot a 45. Considering I can’t reach 5 of the holes in regulation playing with right handed with 7 irons, I would say I was only 5 over.