Right arm through impact

How can I as a tall player (190cm) have a bend right arm with a high right shoulder (flat shoulders) through impact. With the flat lie angles I found it even harder. I understand I have to bend my legs but it feels that bend legs hurts my ability to turn my hips and use my legs.
I probably not use my legs correctly…? Would you say that by using the ground or using the correct legaction the right arm automaticly would bend at impact? I am thinking of all the great ballstrikers of the past using the beautiful hitting action with a bend right arm at impact probably without any consious thoughts more than to hit the ball hard.
Thanks for a great forum!!

Byron Nelson was 6’1" and he got down there with a bent right elbow. Its hard at first…but you have to get Low Low Low…

Byron Nelson

Also watching this clip should help you or give you an idea of what Byron Nelson Felt…


Thanks bspeck!
Could the right elbow stay bend automaticly with the right body move!?
I hardly believe Nelson, Furyk, Sergio, Hogan etc never tried consiosly to keep the right arm bend. It happens for a cause…?

There are few things you can try to do… lots of things you can train to do.
If it’s not in the swing DNA it won’t hold… but over time if you keep TRAINING… then
you have a chance of it holding. Until then… not much chance.

Golf is no different than anything else… If you want to get good, you have to work hard and work
on the right things and either get lucky to find the right way yourself, or have good guidance and instruction.
If not, you will not likely get much better even with hard work. I know plenty of ball beaters that hit a lot of balls… ultimately with not much to show for it other than some impressive calluses and worn out grooves.

I’m only just on Mod2 - but keen to know what things we can train to do…

I’m only just on Mod2 - but keen to know what things we can train to do…[/quote

Skinny–you’re training now for proper ground force pressures and a correct frozen right arm assembly, and the next two modules will solidify it all. Keep laying down heavy reps of Module 1 and 2.

Thank you for reigning me in there Paul - have read and heard it again and again here to take it one module at a time and be patient.

Thats a great 90 secs from mr nelson - quite funny to hear a player of that stature in the game talking about going through a period of shanking!

I am 6`1 tall and find it with my longer toys (flatter lie angles!) easier to have a bend righ arm…
This is a sequence with my 3 wood…

I am on my way to figure out why I have problems to do this with my shorter irons… Work in progress…

You are in good hands here - don´t ask me how many bad habits are in my swing from different swing philosophies!


Really looks good Chris.

I don’t know what kind of player you are…but I can assure you, you are not too far away from some really good ball striking.
I’d ditch the frying pan quick and spend some time with a heavier persimmon to help develop your ball striking skills in a much more efficient and effective manner.

I’m 6’0 with good strength and flexibility, and I am a very steep downswing golfer at the moment :cry:

I am trying to shallow my downswing, but just can’t seem to get it. My right elbow is not, for some reason getting to my front hip, and the right arm straightens way too early. Been searching for a feel, but just don’t have it yet.

The whole ABS course is really about how to train to do this and have the option of taking advantage of the geometry of flat entry and flatter lie angles.

Unfortunately there is no swing thought or simple shortcut to make this happen. Flattening your lie angles will help, but you still need properly trained forearms to actively get the clubface back to the ball… then you need to kill it off and hold shaft flex through and beyond impact via proper pivot action, development of ground force application and post impact pivot thrust.

You have to earn your stripes on this stuff. You don’t just walk into a secret swing tip… and hang your hat on it… not going to happen.

We have students here that have flattened their entry into P3 nearly 20 degrees over time. It is very doable.

I signed on with you quite a while ago and built the big impact bag, but where I go bad is when I make a fuller swing. My downswing sequence is way off, and I lose a lot of speed and power.

Also, I just bought Titlieist AP1’s and don’t want to go out and spend more money flattening clubs, as I don’t think my new ones can be flattened that much, and my swing is a long way from flat anyways.

That’s correct, because the downswing is going to be dependent upon what happens past lowpoint much more than before.
If you don’t have the horse power through and beyond impact, no amount of effort will help much. Stay the course and you will be fine.