Proper wrist action in hitting

ok, I want to hit, I need to hit. I am right arm dominent and am trying to learn how to use it in the correct manner.

One issue, I’ve always had with TGM hitting, is the idea that you should set up with an uncocked left wrist. When I do this, I lose my feel and ability to uncock in the down swing, and instead my actively driving right arm starts rotating my left forearm (#3 accumulator, I believe) and I start hooking the ball left. In addition it sometimes leads to me overrotating my wedges during the backswing.(ie: way too flat)

I’ve notice that Lag says he is hitting, however, he does not appear to me to setup with an uncocked left wrist, and also seems to be actively uncocking it in the downswing, although it’s not fully uncocked until post impact.

So my question is, can you hit with a cocking and uncocking left wrist?

Or is this not advised.

Thanks in advance to everyone for their input.

ABS hitting and TGM hitting are very different animals. Sounds like you’re trying to TGM hit and my understanding was that you still have to cock/un-cock the left wrist when doing so, but you do it with a bent/frozen/level right hand and allow the bending and straightening of the right elbow to do the cocking/uncocking of the left wrist.


The standard TGM version of hitting is a very poor way to strike a golf ball. We have things much more sorted out over here.
The TGM swinging stuff is better for people who like to hit lots of golf balls and have the time to do so.

There’s miles of posts about hitting vs swinging scattered around this site. Enjoy the journey and at some point we may see you on the other side (of this forum)

Or…reading the book may help… :stuck_out_tongue: