Project XOTT

Above, before ABS work

New ABS arrival josondo0 has offered his swing for public examination and re examination at the completion of module #1.
First module #1 review has arrived today 6/11/11.

Will check back again upon completion.

Should be interesting to follow. I have a new high speed camera arriving tomorrow and I will get some footage to show my progress through modules 1 and 2 in a new thread. I haven’t seen my swing on video since starting, so it will be interesting.

I look forward to seeing where josondo0 is so far, and how he progresses in the coming months.

Hi everyone. First post here. As you can see I came to Lag with a huge severe OTT move. It looks even worse in motion. I have tried and tried for months on end to get rid of it to no success. I searched all the major online golf forums for tips to stop it, but none of the tips I recieved really did much of anything for me. I tried a lesson with a PGA pro, and while he is a great guy, he didn’t really have a solution for me despite telling me prior to our lesson that fixing OTT was going to be easy. I even turned to TGM for answers. TGM helped further my understanding of the swing, but it did little for my execution of it.

Anyway, my swing is so bad I really need a complete overhaul. So that’s what I’m here to accomplish. And I couldn’t do it on my own because what I was doing on my own wasn’t working.

Anyway I feel really optimistic about the module program and work here because it is so radically different than any golf instruction I’ve encountered so far. I’m really excited about having the opportunity to get my swing turned around. Everything I’m reading about ABS makes sense.

After attempting module 1 for the first time, I tried to integrate the module 1 motion with some small pitches and I made some good contact with some and got an idea of how this is all going to integrate together when it’s all said and done. Of course I fully intend to go through all the modules, but if just module 1 fixes my OTT that would be great. Anything extra as I progress through the program would be a huge bonus.

Anyway, being my first post, I figured I’d give a small introduction here. I really feel good about the module program, the instruction, and the people here. I of course am very excited about having the opportunity to get my swing turned around.

Welcome, GIR. You have absolutely landed in the best place you could ever land. And you will absolutely improve tenfold b/c you’re in the best hands with Lag, Twomasters and some serious golfers here who share willingly and can back it up. The wheels are already set in motion. Nothing but upside from here on in.

The first thing will be to teach you the form correctly. Then the next part will be your relentless pursuit of massive repetitions. Due to the severity of the situation… it’s one of the worst OTT moves I have seen enter the program… so in a sense, that’s the silver lining in the dark cloud.

I think this gives us all a chance to learn something.

I appreciate your courage to have the progress displayed publicly.

Hello there,

I think your story is a familiar one for alot of novice golfers. you will not be dissapointed with ABS i assure you.
Im in module 3 but before I started ABS my nickname was “slice Norris”… Cause even Chuck Norris couldnt outslice me! :laughing:

The harder I hit the ball the more it sliced, Aim hard left and I’d duck hook OB. My average score was well over 100 every round. Im a fairly strong bloke, but I was a notoriously short hittier due to extreme OTT. No matter what I read or tried I couldn t get rid of it.
No one ever explains attacking the ball from inside clearly enough to rid your slice.

Come module #1 and instantly I had a draw and added 30% distance. I was so happy… All of a sudden I loved golf again.

3-4 months later I broke 80 and Im only just in Mod #3.

So there is light at the end of the tunnel. From my observations alot of Bad golf swings come from lack of strength and conditioning.
Go to your local pro and he can (maybe) teach you the best swing mechanics in the world, but if you physically cant do them they are no good!. This is most apparent with seniors and ladies golf, but alot of blokes can fall into this category aswell

ABS does both, teaches good mechanics aswell as builds the strength to swing properly…

Best of luck

Except for smack-dab in the middle of the Captain’s harem, I agree!

Before long your shots are going to sizzle GIR :slight_smile:

You’ll learn what he means soon enough if you haven’t already! :mrgreen:

Module 1 will, over time, eliminate all traces of OTT in your move. Be patient, get the drill right, and do it til you have blisters, then tape em up and do it some more.

And when I said GIR will benefit from the postings from serious golfers with game, I was thinking of you, among others. Now, where is the Captain? I can feel him lurking ready to strike. Cue the Jaws theme music. :laughing:

Okay…I’ll “strike”!

GIR - in my view you have some very good things going on. The top of the backswing isn’t a bad position (we just need to get you the concept of bowing to the 4:30 line). I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a less athletic/more static leg action…just getting your legs involved properly is going to make a world of difference in the motion you already have.

You are really going to have your eyes opened, GIR! It’s a lot of work and isn’t all garden path, unicorns and rainbows stuff each round - but that’s golf. However, you really did come to the right place. Work hard and when you are at the range, don’t listen to anyone else ready to dispense some “good advice”. Work on what Lag tells you to work on and it’ll pay in spades.

Captain Chaos (Who, by law, is not allowed to wear that much white anymore since the Wisconsin purity act was enacted) :wink: