Power Balance


Just wondering whether anyone here has tried power balance. You can check this out at powerbalance.com. I’m curious whether it actually affect your swing. I know that a good swing needs a good balance. I know a friend that has been using that “thing” but I thought that was bulls**t until my friend perform a demo to show the effect with and without the powerbalance last weekend. I was amazed by it but still reluctant to spend my money on it yet.

Wow. A bit of Eastern philosophy meets high tech. I’d stick with B.S. and I’m not convinced those strength, flexibility and balance demos were valid, but these are beyond my experience. It isn’t as expensive as I thought they would be…that’s a plus. I’d do a google to see who is talking about them.

Captain Chaos

That’s what I thought initially… BS
I’ve been playing with a friend who has this thing for months but never give a damn about it until I tried it out last week. Well, my reaction was wow but I guess I might wait a while and hear others who has this thing while playing golf.


Yeah…Sounds like snake oil to me…

However if a member of the Karl Wallenda family were to endorse such a product…perhaps :laughing: RR

LOL Karl Walenda… :laughing:
or maybe Mandrin could explain how this thing works :wink: :question: :question: :question:
but seriously… I tried this thing and I was pretty sure It gave me more balance :slight_smile:

Yeah…energy fields and imprinted holograms. I just don’t understand how the two are interacting. Hmmm…could be used in a great pick up line though.

“Oh, this little thing?! You know, Doll-Face…ever since I’ve been wearing my Power Balance neoprene band I not only last for hours, but I taste like cotton candy! Do you want to enter my energy field and enjoy a new experience?” :laughing:

Captain Chaos

Actually guys I wouldn’t write off anything like this.I’m not a beliver but there are natural biorthyms in the body and although this pRticular product is jazzed up American style I would give it a try.it could have a simple plaecebo effect but you this life there are areas not even touched upon yet!

Don’t let Tiger read that. He needs to be focus this coming weekend :stuck_out_tongue: :mrgreen:

don’t worry that will be the least of tigers worries…his problem is keeping his power band in his trousers