Playing Persimmon and Winning in the Titanium Age..

I get the argument from both sides keeping up with the young guys playing titanium that you should also play titanium to make it equal. BUT there is a disadvantage to playing titanium and game improvement style “players” irons rather than blades. The control and shot making you gain from blades and persimmon is second to none. You know what it’s gonna do when you try a shot, yes it can be tougher to pull off but your misses are gonna be more well known. There is an unpredictability to new equipment I just struggle with. Irons come out too high, I can’t hit flighted shots as easily. Curving the ball is more difficult for me. It doesn’t come out in the proper trajectory window and it messes with my brain. There is a disconnect to me. I think the feel you gain from playing proper equipment, the feedback, outweighs any advantage you have from built in distance.

The other side of it too is a mental advantage. I know for a fact guys will get in their own head because they don’t want to lose to a guy playing old equipment. You really are playing with house money since they are supposed to beat you with their modern tech.

Just my two cents. But I want to give it an honest try next year in some provincial events up here in Canada. Might even try to qualify for the US mid am with some old stuff, again would just have to find the right course since bombers paradise is just a huge disadvantage that is too big of a hole to dig out of.


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Playing lightweight gear would destroy my swing quickly. It would get handsy and I would lose my core connection to the strike.

To me, that would not be worth picking up a few extra yards.

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