PGA Earnings- All time- now and then

found this interesting
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It’s a fun idea but I love the set up as the “greatest golfers of all time” as measured by winning on the “US” PGA Tour! Perhaps more accurately pitched as the greatest US golfers of all time :wink:

Cheers, Arnie

Good Point Arnie…

What about Gary Player or Roberto DeVincenzo if one included global earnings tweaked to modern international purses. … ime_Top_30

There is more to the article i found it from…another tally does include foreign players such as VJ Singh. Gary Player and Greg Norman-- but I believe it is all based on official US PGA event earnings…/ so like you mentioned there is a big omission of the likes of De Vincenzo and even Peter Thomson or Jumbo Ozaki or Graham marsh and so on and so on that have won numerous events and finished high consistently all over the world