Peter Senior Tee to Green at the Australian PGA

I grabbed some videos from the 4th round at the PGA and thought I might share them. If these are posted elsewhere feel free to delete this post or let it die. Sorry for the quality. I had to just video them off my computer screen and Law and Order or something was playing in the background.

Pretty pure action for a 51 year old. The younger players would be doing themselves a favor to take study and learn a few things.

Peter Senior has been under the Gary Edwin “Right Sided Swing” camp for a few years now. While obviously still a top notch ball striker, he hardly has the same pure natural action he had from back in the day when you met him Lag. I’m not near enough to decipher the differences between current and younger swing, but he has been touched upon with modern swing thoughts now murking around his head. RSS is a big proponent of weight left concepts of S&T.

I have searched Youtube and there is basically none of a young Peter Senior. I wish we had 300fps of him in his heyday. I, like most of golfers in US, never heard of him and have come to know him only through reading ABS. But his young swing is one of my favorites to watch. Deceptively effortless. Lag, was he long or short off tee and throughout the bag?

He was very long… a low piercing ball flight great for control and adverse weather conditions.

Personally I’ve never understood the advantages of those super-duper-quick backswings that stop abruptly and change directly super-duper-quick. I never understood it. I still don’t. I do understand the sudden change creates lag, but it also just always seems so… brutal and inaccurate. I don’t know how anyone pulls it off. For some reason it makes me cringe to watch because if I even fart around with that concept the ball could be anywhere.

Anyway, Lag indeed opened me up to Pete Senior years ago. I still have screen shots of what I’m supposed to do (Peter) vs. what I did.

Most people that are quick at transition are only quick there and stall their pivot through and post impact… therefore the results are not favorable.

However, if you learn to rotate and turn correctly with some pivot force post impact, you can be much more aggressive at transition and hit hard with both the body and hands during the golf swing. The great advantage of learning to do this allows a player to not have to worry about “getting quick” from the top because they simply have acquired the guns to out pace any transition speed they are capable of generating. So if a guy like Senior tightens up a bit and gets quick under pressure, he might find himself hitting the ball even better as long as he adjusts for a slightly more forceful strike. Of course this has to be done correctly, in what I call a two stage rocket firing sequence. … ctory.aspx

Thanks for the link Go Low but I must say Titleist’s propaganda annoys me no-end. What’d I like to know is how much they pay the USA and Australia PGA’s to put the Titleist logo’s next to all their users on their leaderboards.

No matter what you paint on it, it’s still a plastic golf ball. They all feel like you’re hitting a rock.
They’ll get my money if and only when they re-oil up, and hit the start button on the balata machine again.

Until then, I hit whatever I find in my 3 secret spots at Mare.

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Those videos are good . . . . but man . . . that back ground conversation was much more interesting . . . sexual preditors . . . serial killaz . . . cult videos . . . . Mr. Senior has been a busy man! :confused: :confused:

Budman wrote

Two people can look at the same thing and see different things, that is, get a different impression. This adds to the value of the forum.

When I looked at those clips of Peter Senior, it looked like he was making a ferocious effort post impact…in fact, I wondered if there is an example of anyone who does it so ferociously. And I wondered it would be possible and advisable to splice the clips together and put on continuous reel to view with the aim of hypnotizing myself into acquiring that action.

Aside…a company called Sybervision used to do that for various sports, and used Al Geiberger( shot his 59 with blades and persimmons) as their golf model. Geiberger did have a silky smooth appearance. Sam Randolph knew him personally, I wonder what impact that swing image had on Sam?

Tried that with rhythm and Fred Mann Model Golf screensaver. Must have watched it a million times but still put a white ball in front of me and primal kill instinct takes over.

Those are some nice clips. This is an old thread but its the first time ive seen those. Ive always liked his post impact rotation especially from the 80s, but i saw this more recent clip of his swing and it didnt look as good because of how much the clubface rolls post impact, but watching those clips in real speed it’s pretty clear that he still does a very good job with his postimpact torso rotation.