Persimmon shrinkage

I have noticed that on several of my wood sets that the insert is about a "1/16th farther out than the wood and started thinking that the wood may have dried and shrunk over the years. This is mainly the Hogan woods. Several are pretty bad. Anyone know about this? Thinking maybe letting them soak in some linseed oil during a refinishing project would fix the problem. Read a Wood Bros. wood restoration pdf the other day and it sort of rekindled something in me as far as persimmons goes.

It’s probably water damage caused by the wood getting wet and swelling up then drying back. You’ll be amazed how well they come up after a bit of sanding and a refinish. You might need to remove the insert and re-bed it in epoxy before screwing back in place before sanding.

Need to get some proper tools together and then get to it. Will make a nice winter project.

Came to realize that the woods doing the shrinking are Ben Hogan Dura Ply’s that were part of the '62 Power Thrust set and that they are laminates. May have something to do with it? Anyway, are they worth the trouble of refinishing since they are not persimmons just to keep the set intact? I have much to learn.

Still good clubs to practice your clubmaking skills on.