Persimmon Golf Today on TalkinGolf Radio with Rod Morri

Its fantastic to hear a member here at ABS (LipOut) talking about the website that recently launched. Riley has made a great start to getting this up and running and I am sure it will grow with support from here and others who may share a similar interest in persimmon or simply want to find out more.

Riley, I thought you did great in the interview and as always Rod is an excellent host.

Cheers, Arnie


Thanks for posting the link to Riley’s interview on TalkinGolf. Hearing it in California at zero dark thirty this morning before having coffee, It made a great starter for the day ahead.

I really like Riley’s enthusiastic initiative getting the persimmongolf today web site up and running and then going on talk radio to get the message out through that medium too. Riley presented a friendly, strong case for the great fun and practical benefits of playing persimmon.

Rod Morri is a charismatic and perceptive host as always.


Just thinking out loud to Lag and any others behind a Persimmon Movement. The way to really capture the attention of a great many people, demonstrate the positives of old-school golf, and contrast that with today’s brand would be to do a reality show.

Now I’m not talking put on suits and pitch the Golf Channel - though look at the success that Hank Haney’s show has had…and he’s a perfect example of the problem in golf instruction. What would be a good start is to take time to produce a web reality show. Get an open-minded pro, soon-to-be senior, or malleable kid that can putt and chip light’s out and do the ABS thing on them! Little 7-10 minute vignette videos posted at persimmon golf today would go a long way to open people’s eyes.

The first episodes introduce the teacher, student and set the stage for the contrast between traditional golf and the modern game. Every episode should have a hook and leave people hanging for the next show.

Just an idea, but for good or bad - reality shows do garner a lot of bandwidth!

Captain Chaos

Thanks for posting this Arnie. I was actually talking to Rod about how to CONDUCT interviews and he ended up requesting an interview for Talkin Golf so I had to say yes even though I don’t really like public speaking. Like a good round of golf it was really nervous in the early-going but settled in a bit over the course of the interview. Mis-spoke a couple times (I meant of course to say that the CG of modern blades is lower, not higher than classic gear) but all in all it went well. Rod is a great guy and real supporter of golf.

I do like the web episode thing that CC suggested. I was thinking along those same lines but because proximity and time are challenges I was considering other possibilities such as challenge matches between maybe Lag + 1 amateur/student vs. Ken Harrington + 1 amateur or something like that. Would take buyoff and coordination but it would be fun to watch those matches. I’m open to considering other ideas too like CC’s we’d just have to figure out the practical aspects.

I have the interview posted on the front page of the site now so go check it out if you haven’t had a chance!

In the pipeline: I’ve got (what I hope will be) a great interview with Dave Wood (Wood Brothers) in the works. Also talking to Tad Moore, Charley Penna (Toney’s newphew) and several more.

Grass roots movement…I think I remember TM writing something that Ogilvy was sympathetic to the cause. We need to get someone like him on the Golf Channel promoting things–or evenLag or TM themselves.