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I don’t know if this article has been posted here before…but I figured I’d put it up anyway.

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Those stats on Greg Norman–75 percent fairways hit–fill up the trophy case.

I can imagine it would be very demoralizing for three of four in a foursome, where one has learned ABS and hits persimmon and blades. It would dawn on the modern gear-totting guys somewhere around the turn, that they’re getting their asses kicked by some guy leaning on a mid iron in the middle of the fairway waiting for them to chop it out to sunlight.

Even Bubba disagrees…

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With all the talk about growing the game… I like the idea of shrinking the game. Shrink the heads of the clubs, the distance the ball goes, length of the courses, weed out the dabblers so less players clogging the fairways, roll back agronomy to shrink maintenance costs which would shrink greens fees. Shrink the long putters, slow down the greens some. Shrink the time it takes to play a round by speeding up play. Shrink the rule book. Shrink corporate interests.

Golf will always have an appeal to some. It’s fine being a niche sport. It shouldn’t need to compete with other sports.
No reason to force the game on people or try to lure new players through big marketing campaigns. The true lovers of the game will find their way to the first tee.

If sometimes less is more… then I vote for less.