Offset Removal

I found this board by pure coincidence. I was interviewed on a site called Gotham Golf blog . John did a swing analysis there… Looking at the site I was happy to see the things we were teaching 30 years ago are regaining popularity. When I came to the site the conversations of no offset and flatter lie angles were a welcome site. I have been having my students flatten their irons for years.

I have a set of MP 14 irons given to m by a student. They have become my winter project. When I went to the guy who bends my irons and explained to him I wanted the offset removed and explained the procedure he smiled and said, “No thanks.” I don’t know John but contacted him via email and he agreed to take on the task. I sent the heads to him with his fee .

About 10 days later they arrived. The improvement in appearance and performance is unbelievable. I ended up resetting the lies to 56* 3 iron . After I put a new sole grind on them will have them refinished.

So if this appears to be a commercial guilty but totally unsolicited.

Doug Ferreri



Glad they are working out for you… and welcome to the site.
Love your action there!

Now go lace up those footjoy classics again… with a set of nails in them… and you’ll remember how the golf swing is supposed
to feel on the ground.

Update on a job well done.

Was at the range yesterday and they had a Golf Pride rep there giving a free grip of choice and doing re-grips for the country club.
Had a grip put on the 3 iron of the new look MP 14.

After his crowd was gone he came over and asked to see my irons. He wanted to know why they looked different form other MP 14s.
When I explained the offset was removed not only was he intrigued but wanted to know how and who.

These irons have kicked out the MP 69s out of the bag. So thanks again for the great job and the welcome to the sight.

Doug Ferreri

Hello Doug -

Greetings from Passaic County! Is there any way you could post a pic or two of the great job Lag did on the MP-14’s? Thank you.

I will be happy to. Will need some help. Images are 3468 pixels wide and site allows 800 pixels width. So if the procedure to size the photos can be sent to me I will get to it.

Doug Ferreri

just email the photos to me… and I can resize them and post them up… easy enough.


pretty significant improvement given the shorter necks to work with. This stuff becomes a lot more critical as the swing works more level, flatter etc.

If the club is working upright, then offset becomes more of a buffer for OTT moves. That’s why they engineer it into modern clubs… but a real disaster for the flatter swings because it’s too hard to properly square up the clubface at impact without a hand throw.