New Secret of back weighting your clubs

Someone has reinvented the wheel again and discovered another secret, for merely $18.99 a grip.

Imagine, more mass = greater velocity! :laughing:

Quote from article.

I think it’s a good idea as long as you make the heads heavier too. What does everyone think?
My word how on earth will you be able to feel the clubhead if you use that with the new age super light weight drivers!

That was kinda of my point. :smiley: They have been making clubs so light they have to backweight them just to bring up the overall mass.

Here’s a crazy idea. How about making the clubs heavier overall (heavier head, shaft, grip) and maybe you won’t have to put a $19 backweighted grip on. :laughing:

Seems like they keep coming up with solutions for problems that they made themselves. Why not fix the problem instead of bandaiding a solution?

But I guess when the only answer to sell is “distance”, they tend to ignore things like feel, distance consistency, workability, etc.

Someday hopefully they will get off that mindset but don’t hold your breath.

Great players need to start designing clubs again… we don’t need another wind tunnel scientist speculating on what a golf club should be.

It’s not only the wind tunnel scientists that have gotten out of hand, it’s also the mass marketing of these products.

On my lunch break today, I decided to take a stroll to a nearby sports equipment store to look at their golf stuff. The staff were unpacking the new TaylorMade “RocketBallz” woods and hybrids. Same old crap…space age technology, faster swing speed, paint job void of any elegance, and the most juvenile name for a product ever conjured up by a circle of mad marketing wizards.