My new ABS Gear!

I just received my ABS spec clubs in today from John. They look great and heavy! Can’t wait to try them out. So excited! :smiley:

I couldn’t ask for more…

Irons - Ben Hogan Apex 3-PW, 2i Ben Hogan Director
Woods - MacGregor MT Tourney Aluminum Inserts (1,3,4)

They look great!

Have fun

Great pics and a lovely looking set. Let us know how you go with them first time out!

Cheers, Arnie

This is a set of Hogans I got from Lag, set to ABS standards. My first impression is how heavy they are, and how solid they feel. I am very happy with them.
Bounce Soles.jpg

There is nothing like a club that looks back at you and gives you some very specific instructions… like grip me firm… swing me flat and hit me hard.

Cavity backs look back at you and say “You can’t do this… so my weight is distributed in all the other areas on my clubface that you can’t seem to hit”

Too negative for me.

Hey all,

Its been awhile since i have been on. Two months of surgical rotation just killed my already nonexistant life outside of medicine. Now on Family Med which gives me enough time to finally get back to playing golf.

I bought a set of iron from lag. On my first round I shot 81. This was after not playing for almost 8 weeks. I played with the scrub techs from the OR. They were impressed when I hit a 1 iron from 240 out to 10 feet. Missed the putt and settled for birdie.

My second round with them I played a course called diablo grande. Played the first 8 holes even par but left a potential great round on the back nine as i got tired and my swing crumbled. I will post some pics soon. They are awesome! Looking forward to getting back to ABS!