MP33´s vs MP14´s

Hey guys,

did any of you ever play them both?

I played the 33´s for most of the last season - and i got the MP14s this winter off ebay. I had them bent to the same specs (flat with weakish lofts - done by the same guy), the 33s have a True Temper S300 and the 14´s a Sensicore Gold S300. The only real difference is that the 33s have a increased swingweight (leadpowder in the hosel).

My problem i have with the 14s - they always seem to come up short - AT LEAST 1/2 a club. I´m a bit confused by that - can it be really the swingweight that makes the difference in distance?

Any insight would be helpful.

I’ve used both of those sets, as well as the MP 29’s, pretty extensively(mostly the 29’s and 33’s), and I’d have to say that the 14’s are for some reason just a weak club. To me they always felt like the MP 29’s wimpy little brother, and while looking somewhat similar to the 29’s, they were just missing something. The 33’s are a modern ‘blade’ with the COG down low so they tend to perform better with the modern ball, which may, in part, explain why they’re going a bit further. I’d also say that those sensicore shafts aren’t great, they always felt dead and lifeless to me. As soon as I hit the 29’s there was no way back to the 14’s for me.

MP-14 lofts are also about 2-3* weaker.


Interesting, I never knew that. Makes sense out of it all…