Matteo Manassero

i was flipping through the latest golf digest and hidden amonst the hundreds of pages of advertising there
is a swing sequence of matteo. he looks to be the best of the younger modern players with abs fundamentals i have seen. slots it good, gets the shaft perpendicular to the spine and has a very good upper body rotation post impact. on the view from dtl at p4 the hands are hidden and he seems to retain a little angle in the right wrist. very similar to sergio
but better post impact imo. i don’t have a scanner but i’m sure his action can be found all over youtube…

his coach says he is a fairway and greens machine but needs to hit it longer to be a world beater. so you better
check it out soon before the goat hump flip shows up :laughing:

I saw that, his coach is trying to get him to flip for more distance… He’s doomed…

We are the PGA Borg… You will be assimilated… Resistance is futile… :imp: