Macs' Transformation

Congratulations Mac !

have copied your posts to a spot where i can use them to remind myself that it is easier to make excuses than persevere :slight_smile:

I want to offer another opinion that I feel is the best merging of persimmon and Titanium in any driver ever made.

Titleist 975D

At only 260cc’s - the driver head has a persimmon shape, sits flat easily and is very workable, but very straight. Oh, and the crunch of the ball off the face is shocking compared to the tinny clinks/clanks and clunks so prevalent in today’s equipment. No paper-thin Ti face on this head. Plus it has heft and can be easily felt throughout the swing.

I can carry it past my R5’s best attempts and with my old swing it was the R5 that bested the 975D by about 15 yards so many years ago. I will not part with this gem!

</drum roll> - sorry forgot to shut off the drum roll :wink:

Captain Chaos

975D is one of the best drivers ever made IMO. It has a great shape to it, and its easier to curve the ball with it than with the bigger heads. Tiger played this with a steel shaft thru the 2000ish era when he was the best off the tee.

Mac, i meant to ask…what is your 150 yd carry iron now ?

a 42 degree 8 iron.

nice, thanks, around that will do for me - i have been debating John’s irons on and off all summer whilst playing some flat 70’s Hogans I got from Arnie which are a touch light & have some off-set.

Next bit of free cash (soon) & I will get myself an early 50th ABS b/day present.

I wonder is there a new batch in the pipeline John ? I want to get a set I’m going to fall in love with, i like my Hogans but maybe a slightly meatier head would be ideal.

New batch of stuff coming out next week.
Fall collection is a bit late… but never too late!

It takes us a lot of time to get this stuff put together and set up correctly. There is some beautiful stuff coming out in this batch!