Macgregor remakes

Were the 80’s Macgregor remakes as good as the originals? Were the shafts in the M85’s stiff? Thanks.

Many of the iron models were really great. Like the VIP’s, particularly the Curtis Strange edition. I also liked the Muirfield line of irons.

A buddy of mine got a custom set, directly from MacGregor. They were a set of Muirfield blades. They looked similar to the 20th Anniversary irons, but, they just had Nicklaus’ signature on the back stamp and the Macgregor stamp on the sole. They also didn’t have the diamonds on both sides of the grooves and the clubhead was a little bigger than the 20th Anniversary model. I think they were the best set of irons I ever saw and my buddy had them for roughly 12 years, thru high school, thru college thru mini-tours, until the heads wore out.

For the persimmons, I slightly prefer the older Macgregor 1950’s and 60’s models. Not sure why, they just feel a bit better, much like the Cleveland Classic RC85, which were designed after the M85’s. Can’t really remember much about the shafts.