MacGregor Marking System

I’m curious if anyone knows what the key is if any to MacG’s lettering/numbering system for identifying old irons and woods.

For instance, I’m looking at a set of MT TOURNEY TR2As from 1969. But ironfinder indicates there’s also a TR1A. What’s the difference? Sole pattern (although both of these are step soles)? Stiffness in shaft?

This seems to be the case for many of their old models.

Anyone know? Thanks


I believe they stamped designators for flex, shaft mat’l, and grip on the head:

2A = Regular flex, aluminum
1A = Stiff flex, aluminum

Steel would be TR1 or TR2. Rubber grips had an “H” in the stamp, e.g. “TR1AH”.

It’s interesting how many of the older designs used the clubhead to indicate the shaft flex, shaft material, and even the grip type.


Robbo - thanks. ANy idea whether the hosel size varied depending on steel or aluminum? My understanding is that most if not all hogans were .355 taper, and in the wilson line many are narrower (I had to drill out the 66 dynas). Haven’t seen too much on the macs though, except that some models may have had a .390 bore with aluminum.


Not sure about Mac specific stuff regarding shaft diameters. All I know is that every aluminum shafted club I can remember had a larger diameter shaft (and hosel). I’m sure it has something to do with the differences in strength characteristics of aluminum vs steel.