macgregor jnp forged irons

Anyone that have used these irons? It is no blades but are they still ok?
A friend of mine has a set of these and he asked me if I want them otherwise he is going to throw them away.

If you are wanting to improve your ball striking, I would pass those up and look for a classic blade iron set. The JNP are cavity backs with perimeter weighting aka game improving irons.

As for gaming them on the weekend on the course, they are suitable for most people, as they are more forgiving than forged blades. The downside of cavity backs is that you lose feedback to your hands if a shot was flushed or not.

What bspeck said is right.

I have a JNP 1 Iron that I used to use a lot, but looking at it now, the clubface is way too long from heel to toe.

If you like MacGregor, how about a nice set of Muirfields or VIPs? Some of the Tourney models from the 60s are pretty nice too.