Lee Trevino's Groove Your Swing My Way

At the 2012 Umpqua Challenge Trevino said he never hit a fade in his life, he hit a straight push. :smiley:

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His club is straight for 2ft after the strike. Bet that ball was on a rope! Interesting that he draws it now, probably easier on the hips and back.

Classic Trevino brilliance! Getting in the way has sure been around a long time. Elkington spoke about being told by Claude Harmon Sr. that Hogan and his friends worked on getting in their way so they could get get out of our way-

Trevino calls this ‘reeling out’ but sounds like the same kind of deal ensuring a shallow inside move.

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Great share RR! Swing has 2 planes for sure…cant get to one without space for the other. :call_me_hand::ok_hand:

Interesting the difference between the 2 images. Looks like he was doing a better job of that with the older gear.