Lags Wedges

Thanks JN, thats something for me to think about. I sense a great deal of lead tape would be required.

I hate to sound stupid, but its not new for me, so here goes

What is a split sole and what is its advantages and weaknesses?

Here’s a Split Sole



I would say advantages - good for tight lies and you can open up the face and play the club with more loft. Disadvantages - possibly more liable to chunking.

Would this one be a good one? … 1438.l2649

Am sure it’s a good club, Mid 50’s I would guess.

Different kind of split sole though, not sure what the purpose is of that split.

Those are great wedges. Nice and heavy. I have one in my bag now, but ground down the flange a bit to use it as a gap wedge set up at 53 degrees.

They are not really split soles in the way that MT offered later on. The split soles work great of tight lies, hardpan best.

I’m looking for something as a gap, off the fairway, around the green, tight lies. Should I keep looking?

You could grind the back half of the flange off that one, would probably do the job very nicely.

Great - I’ve always wanted a bench grinder. LOL

Are medium grit and fine grit wheels okay to use? I’m thinking I’d need a polishing wheels as well?

Is there a thread on grinding wedges? :sunglasses:

You guys are trying to turn me into a real golfer. :wink:

You could just use a metal file also.
That would work fine. Not even sure you would need a vice, but it would help to have one.
Just grind away so there is little or no bounce. I don’t like much if any bounce on my wedges… only sand wedges.

I do have a vice. I’m not sure how I would secure an iron in a vice without damaging it. I know there has to be a way, but, I’m a novice about working on irons or woods.

Just use an old rag to line the jaws of the vice.