Kind of Equipment Related.

Related if considering video taping and analyzing one’s motion to be an integral part at some point. Couldn’t find a thread which touches on the topic…so I hope I am not out of bounds here!

I have, or I should say Mrs. Rat has, a Sony DCR-DVD101 HandyCam. I plan to use it to record some golf motions. It takes family stuff just fine…but how good would it perform with golf and it’s own issues like pausing, clarity, stuff like that. Also will load the stuff on YT but how will the quality be affected, if any.

Any ideas out there on the use of this camera as opposed ( there’s that opposing thought again :open_mouth: ) to other makes or models that would be more proficient in capturing motion without distortion when playing back or pausing.

Please keep your comments to a Kiddie Cam 101 level :laughing: RR