Julie Inkster/ lead tape/ cosmetics


Twomasters and I were thrilled to see this set last year on display at Pasa Tiempo CC.
This year, Macs and I had a game and we snapped this picture of Julies set that she won the 2002 US Women’s Open with.

I think this says a lot about Julie’s choice of cosmetics. If you want to play you best golf, forget the cosmetics, and get your gear set up

If Julie likes her irons stiff and heavy, you might consider it too. There is a lot of tape on those heads.

I don’t know if she is still playing heavy gear, but it works. Hogan and Moe and Snead, and so many others embraced heavy gear for a reason.

Thanks for posting that.

Julie Inkster is my all time fave golfer, largely because of her final round in the 2002 US Open. I’ll defer to the pros on here, but didn’t that round more of less define the very essence of scrambling on a golf course?


Where could you get such wide lead tape from - the ones i always bought had about half the size, and all the others i´ve seen also had a smaller width, which isnt really helpful if you want to put a ton of weight on your clubs?

I completely agree. If the tape is wider, you can always cut it down into narrower strips is you need that. Obviously doesn’t work the other way around.

Someone at the local olf megastore told me yesterday that lead tap wears out over time loosing some of its weight???

Thanks for posting this. Julie has always been one of my favs as well. Everytime I see her play it reminds me of the time I caddied in the 84 Women’s Open and it was her rookie season, I think she just won the Amateur the year before. Her and her caddie walked around the grounds like they were gonna win. She was so so confident as a rookie and had the game to back it. She has a brand new shiny Red and White Wilson Staff bag and I think a set of yep, Dynas! She’s awesome in my book and enjoy watching her still compete against the young guns and raise a great family of kids too boot. I’ve always admired how she’s made her family No.1 above Golf and still able to compete and win when she’s out on the course. Thats a true competitor and a winner!

The only way lead can loose its weight, if when its chipped off from your clubs. If it just bangs against other clubs and no transfer takes place the weight stays the same.


That is just 1" wide lead tape. You can get it at any of the major golf suppliers (ie Golfsmith, Golfworks, etc.). Just make sure its the regular lead tape and not the ultra thin lead foil tape. Here is a link (this stuff is great):


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Nice, my clubs look similar. The ball doesn’t care how good my clubs look


I have about 200" of half inch tape on my whole set

Select whatever size you want.

thetapedepot.com/cart/compon … /Itemid,1/

That is lead foil tape, very very thin and light, more for use with tennis racquets, not great for golf clubs. You need to find regular lead tape or even better high density lead tape. Stay away from foil tape