Jackie Burke Interview

Again, came across this on another forum…outstanding stuff, particularly 15 min and on.


He talks alot about Hogan and touches on a number of things Lag harps on: feet driving the swing, connection of arms to torso, backswing not a focus (in Power Golf, he devoted very little space to it – always wanted to move forward).

One question I have for Lag is in regard to Mr. Burke’s comment about how Hogan, in wanting to feel athletic, would work on swinging on his toes – is this something we should avoid or embrace?

Nice one Cheese
They say Jackie Burke is a great talker and teacher- he had a lot of insightful words in this interview
I particularly like the last couple of minutes-- Hogan never thought much of the backswing, he was like a thrower in football- always thinking forward and through-- and that there were really only a few pages in his books related to the backswing and the rest was all downswing and beyond. Great stuff

Alot of top stuff there. Love what he says about putting. That’s why i always USED to love putting and putt well. I just enjoyed the feeling of a pure well rolled rock. The cup was kinda incidental but that somehow sharpened my focus on it subconciously i think. Interesting stuff.

Great stuff… lots of insightful things to chew on for sure…

I liked the comments about swinging around in a circle… and that the swing happens from within… not out on the arms…
The arms pinned onto the body longer… (notice how he said longer, not forever)

Stiff shafts… teeing the ball low for left to right shots… controlling the driver…

Not a lot of emphasis on the driver…

I do wish he would have talked more about Burke’s personal opinions of the swing… what he in particular felt and thought about.
Burke was a great player.

I liked the thoughts on putting…

Lots of good stuff going on…

As far as hitting off the toes… we do see both methods having validity… our ground pressures can still stay intact with pressure from the ball of the foot (Gary Player)… however, it is best that keep our weight more centered on the foot because that will offer us more resistance to leverage our torso rotation against post impact. We want the foot pulled off the ground, so trying to get on the toe and lift is not good intentions. The foot comes up because of the extreme forces we put on it post impact.

The next installment is up and includes Mr. Burke breaking down Hogan film. “Hogan turns away from it twice.” Gold


What is becoming more and more clear to me (not that I ever doubted it - but there are doubters) is that Lag absolutely knows his stuff, and we as students are learning to swing like the greats (of course, some of you are already world class).

This is great and fortunate stuff.
Thanks for getting these posted.

I enjoyed that very much…Thank you CD

I could listen to Jackie all day long

Thanks Cheese! I just watched these and I’m off to watch them again. Brilliant. I loved the talk about the caddie yard and learning the hustle… such incredible insight into what made him tick. Thanks a lot…

I also thank you Cheese, thoroughly enjoyed all three. Never pictured Hogan as the gambling type.

Its too bad nobody saved this interview. I fear it may be impossible to find today.

Never mind - Looks like SITD Saved the interview series.