Is it Impossible to CP Release with current driver technolog

ok, I’ve been working very hard at swinging left, ie: CP Release using John and Bradley’s information. However, I just can’t seem to make it work with the driver I have. Is it damn near impossible to cp with today’s drivers. Are there some small adjustments you can make to accomodate today’s equipment, maybe still keeping the arms tight but swinging right? Any help would be appreciated.


Make sure you can do it with a heavier shorter persimmon first. If you can’t get it working left decently with that… no chance with the modern gear.

Also remember… it’s not just working the shaft left that is the key… it’s slotting the club on the downswing and then also working it left… and that takes WORK with an effective pivot and strong forearm rotation.

You can do it. I do it with my frying pan when im out playing. Still working to get my persimmon driver more consistent before i game with it.

What i have found is you have to get that face OPEN as wide as you can via forearm rotation. Then like John says, you have to slot it or you will fail miserably, even if you do work it left. Things i notice with modern driver using hitting method is the driver tends to want to pull left. Countering that with a very open club face helps, but the ball flight is a lot higher. I use a 8.5 degree driver and my ball still goes as high as a 10.5 degree and i tee my ball way down.

Also the more open your club face is, the harder you can pivot and sure enuff, the straighter the shot will be.

A perfect example of todays player with a hitter method is Sergio Garcia. He slots the club very well!

Because the modern club is lighter it’s possible to manipulate the club head and not release correctly.also because it feels lighter through impact it’s harder to feel the cp release. You need to wait on applying the power compared to persimmon.

I have been gaming both persimmon and titanium the past year or so and I have found you need to swing left ALOT harder with titanium to feel the club head weight through impact. Come from deep inside and hit the hardest power fade you can and see how that feels.

Swingning this way I can honestly say I’m just as accurate with titanium v persimmon. As the titanium now feels heavy through impact and stabilizes the face rotation through the hitting zone.

There is a danger to shift the baseline left - I counter this with a diagonal stance…

If you stall your pivot thru impact you are toast - but if you can master it you
will have a very stable rate of clubface closure.
In the first vid on the end are the trackman numbers - only missing that my highest point is
under 30 yards hight - I prefer max distance with roll over max carry.
I have no idea how people with a CF release can control trajectory with a Driver…


Just re- read what I wrote earlier and I meant swing Alot harder LEFT with the titanium. Like Chris a CF release feel terrible.

There is no magical weight number for a golf club that turns it into a CP releasing club. The weight of it shouldn’t matter one bit. Be it heavy or light.