iron weight

I have just started with the ABS and it is brilliant. I traded in my shovels(Pings ) and got two sets of blade wilsons (tour grind and Dyna power) Bent them 5 degrees and my bad shots - pulls and hooks disappeared for the first time in years. I would also be interested in making my now irons heavier in both swingweight and total weight. I can’t really afford it, but have a friend who is competent to do it for me to have them both reweighted right now. Any advice on how much to change the swing weight and overall weight - I assume some lead down the shafts, some lead tape and some backweighting under the shafts. Any ideas out there ? I would really appreciate some advice. I’d love to be actually feel the weight of the club for a change. Thanks for your help. blopar

depending on how old they are they could be already pretty heavy. i have used lead tape and lots of it on a few sets and its cheap.
now i try to buy them already heavy.

i found a set of 1982 titleist square toe blades at a garage sale for $20 and they feel heavier than anything i have. i won’t
even bother to weigh them, they just feel good how they are.

as many will attest out here, anything from the 50’s and early 60’s is already heavy.

good start to a thread, i’m always interested in hearing what people do to their clubs.

I’m about to play around with my sets too. I’ve just picked up some '61 Power Thrusts which seem pretty heavy already, but my BH Grinds and TP9’s are going to need some work. I’ve always worked by feel when it comes to swing weight and overall weight of a club.

i have some 61 ben hogan thrusts that i bought for $8 at a garage sale. the 5 iron was missing and they looked rough but after some steel
wool they look great. mine have regular shafts so they are on my project list for reshafting. the whole moral of the story is
that i think they are on the lighter side in terms of abs. i know mine feel light but the shafts are a little short too. i’ve only hit
them a couple times but they felt real solid.

just wanted to pass that along.

That’s interesting, thanks. I only have my grinds to compare against and they’re definitely heavier than those. With stiffer shafts stepped and brought up to modern lengths will help, but I guess they’ll still need lead. I paid a bit more than $8 too…but not much. My set has the E missing, but I did get and exploder.

yes, i put some modern dynamic golds that were pulled from some new titleists in my 66 hogan percussions that had the same shaft as my thrusts
and that extra three quarter or almost inch on the shaft made them heavy enough for me. they probably need to be a little heavier but
they feel good to me.

all the hogans from late 50’s to mid 60’s just look really cool…