Increase swing weight?

I’ve been playing with some good golfers, and they’ve seen my swing and game, and one of the first things they said is my shafts weren’t stiff enough, and the weight was way too light.

I know here in ABS I’ve read a lot about heavier clubs, etc.

I am a golf fitness guy, so my fitness level is probably upper 1% of all golfers, professionals included (too bad talent wasn’t…haha), so I am getting X100’s put into my irons. My driver shaft probably is not right for me either, but I only have so much money to spend.

Does this sound right given my strength and flexibility?

One of the guys has a similar club, but X100 shafts and lead weight to bring it up to D7. I really liked the heavier feel. I think anything light for me is not good.

if you can’t feel the clubhead, it’s too light. the heavy clubs will counteract any tendency to come OTT…one, because they sit themselves down on their own in transition and, two, they sort of govern the swing by opposing the tendency to over-accelerate. there is plenty of information hear on all things golf clubs–stiff, heavy, and flat. the nooks and crannies of this forum contain unbelievable amounts of information on how to swing a golf club. i would encourage you to ‘go to page nine,’ so to speak and review the old threads. you’ll be amazed at what you can find…