Improvement and persimmon issues

So after a six week lay off due to injury I was finally able to hit the course. I spent the day at mare island and got in 27 holes. 8 over on the day including a slew of birdies and many putts made over 30 feet. It was nice to have a good day putting and I wish my ball striking was closer to my putting averages. Maybe I would have been 8 under instead.

I did hit the course with my newly updated driver. It was a macgregor louissa suggs drive that i got for a dollar. I had to pour an epoxy face insert becuase i damanged the original and then it was flattened and weighted to ABS specs. I wish I could say that the driver worked flawlessly but it did not. there was something seriously wrong with it. I think when I reworked it, the sweet spot must have changed because strikes on the center of insert did not result in a strong feeling like in my other macgregor drivers. Also the ball flight is unlike anything I have ever seen. It almost looks likes a knuckle ball as it goes out and then flops down at about 150 yds. My normal drives are over 250 so its very strange. Any advice on here about what i could do to salvage the club? Or should I just keep it as a souvenire of my first persimmon reworking? I was thinking about regriding the face (its currently 8 degree) to add loft but I am unsure as whether this will solve the sweet spot problems.

Ill post a picture. But any advice would be great.


Do you know what specification it came out at?

And how much weight did you add to the head and exactly where did you add it?

Specs lie 48 degrees. 42.5 long.

Weight: I added 2 oz just behind the insert. I basically tried to make it the same feel as my macgregor two wood that lag and I built. It doesnt feel quite perfect in that department but that shouldnt explain the weird ball flight.

its got an x100 shaft tipped 2 inches. (same as my macgregor and irons) and loft came out to 9 degrees.

It sits just a touch flatter then my mac but I figured that was ok as im a touch shorter then lag anyway.

Im at a loss on it…Good knews is I got my set of macgregors in the mail from ebay. 1 through 4 wood. Time to rework those too :slight_smile:


Hey JFish,

Glad to hear you’re healthy again. Isn’t the Suggs head a lady’s club? I have no idea if there is a difference in the performance of the men’s and lady’s clubhead if it is one.


Are you going to be back in the Bay Area for a while over the holidays? It would be fun for me, you, Lag, and zack to meet up for a game at Mare.


It’s a woman’s club and female persimmons are notoriously difficult to work around the course certain times of the month. Probably best to keep in the garage or soak in a 1:5 ratio of Midol and water overnight before using. :wink:

Captain Chaos

2 ounces is a lot to have to add, what is the finished deadweight and swing weight??

Ladies heads seem to be pretty much the same weight as mens, they are just fitted with different shafts, so it should have still been a good club to flatten. The fact that you have had to add 2 ounces would suggest to me that you have removed some weight from somewhere, I am guessing probably towards the heel. (shaft plug, pin and neck being reformed smaller??) Adding all that weight (and probably removing some from the heel) has probably moved the sweetspot out towards the toe and has probably messed up the balance of the club, bit like moving the weights around in one of those titaniums, but in this case 2 ounces which is loads.

I would try to remove some of the weight you have added and replace it down the tip of the shaft and/or build up the neck area a bit bigger. Maybe try it with a bit less weight 13.5 Ounces??. That might help.

Is the club sitting open?

Its strange that it still feels lighter then my macgregor 2 wood though. I dont have a scale to measure the dead weight and swing weight so I end up going by feel on most of my swing. I did have to remove a bit of weight to get it to line up correctly but it shouldnt have made such a huge difference.

I will try to remove weight and add it down the shaft. Hopefully that will bring it back to center. I may give up on it for now and work on the other clubs i have lined up in the garage weighting to be shafted and adjusted.

I will be back in vallejo for 6 weeks starting jan 1. Hoping to play at least a few times out there. Im trying to get ready for the TRGA event in Las Vegas.

Thanks for the advice.

Digital kitchen scales - essential clubmaking tool, especially if you are going to do some more.

Might be a bit short for a driver…
take a pic of it and post if you can…
would love to see how that poured epoxy insert came out… even if it didn’t :confused: