Im hooking the ball

module 1 has transformed my swing. OTT is all but gone, with only the occaisional lazy/tired swing showing a left pointing divot. ball flight and contact is better than ever and this all occuring after i changed from cavity backs to blades.

However, i now have a new stock miss, the hook*. most often its a high, starts at the target line and goes left, occaisionally its a low worm burner. my guess is that its when my rotation stalls and the arms close. any thoughts?

*im not using ABS spect gear, my irons are new unaltered cleveland 588mb’s

Stiffer shafts, flatter lie angles… and Module #3.

You won’t be hooking then.

Ok, so here is my update. Tonight I go to take my new training club. It’s a modern muscleback 27* 5i bent to 58* with a rifle 6.5 shaft. I loved the feel of the extra stiff shaft. And boy was the ball flight nice. Starting low and gradually rising. My misses were still left but far less of them.

To be honest I chuckle when I compare how I’m striking the ball now compared to before I met Two.

Can’t wait to see how things advance when I get to module 3

Same thing happened to me when I went to flatter lies and stiffer shafts… You would think that you’re getting too shallow, but probably not shallow enough on the downswing… My guess would be over-accelerating in the transition which causes the stall and flip… One thing I’ve learned is that you can’t be too shallow with the shoulders closed off half way down… That transition move is huge!! From my experience the stronger you get, the easier it will get… I do lower back stretches daily, calf raises, hamstrings and glute work, helps with the process… You really don’t have to be in shape to ‘play’ golf, but to make the right moves it helps immensely… Good luck to you… :slight_smile: