I used to be a TaylorMade man

Those bastards will put their logo on anything! Did you have to shave? :wink:

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Check out slowfood. com or slowfood.com.au

hmmm… talking about car… I miss my $800 mini cooper clubman…

Slowfood started in Piedmont, the region I was born and used to live in Italy. It’s very famous over there and ever since its inception we saw a return to more simple food and wine and, of course, tastier too. I cringe at the crap we’re fed here. The meat we buy at the supermarket tastes like sh1te, I’ve stopped eating meat pies altogether because they make me sick. I didn’t know SLowfood had a branch here in Australia, I’ll join straight away. Thanks for that info joniindo.

This is the “What We Do” from the Aussie page:

Our convivia are at the heart of what we do. Across the country, we foster community awareness and celebrate and champion food that is good, clean and fair. We work with artisan producers to market their foods, help school communities to develop kitchen gardens, promote food traditions and knowledge, and organise tasting workshops and events through which we learn about the source of food, farming methods, and the importance of food sustainability for ourselves and the planet. Slow Food Australia has also developed national projects to support local convivia activities and events.

Not quite everything, my shaft doesn’t say Taylormade…oh wait…what’s that…it does?

An old blog but us like minded simple life seekers need to come together and revolt!

barrybeelzebub.blogspot.com/2006 … -life.html

One word: TOFURKEY…Now where did I put my Coke Zero?

Once there were Luddite’s, now there are Lagdite’s.


The Lagdite’s were an internet froum movement of golfing artisans (well Lag is the artisan, I’m just a hacker) in the early 21st century who protested—often by destroying frying pan style drivers (see images below)—against the changes produced through the commercialisation of golf by the equipment manufacturers, which they felt were leaving them without any ball striking abilities and changing the way golf was meant to be played.

Fake Turkey made from Tofu???..good grief

I really just want you all to learn to strike a golf ball properly, so you can play any kind of gear you like… the key is not to use gear as a crutch.
A good golf swing can move the ball around with any gear, even a set of hickories. The precision needed to strike a blade style long iron, and a
persimmon driver or fairway wood, will be your greatest teacher. To solely judge your game based upon modern forgiving gear is simply fool’s gold.

Unless you are trying to play golf for a living, your higher purpose is some combination of enjoyment and the pursuit of excellence.

Although there has been a change in the aesthetic perception of a quality golf club, I am not convinced it is entirely subjective, nor the feel and sensation
of a proper strike with a classic club. I would be hard pressed to really believe anyone that can swing a golf club worth a damn, would consider the sensation
coming up the shaft to be superior from a hollow frying pan compared to a solid block of persimmon, with big chuck of lead dead behind the sweetspot.

Flush is Flush

and it has to mean more deep down… when you actually know you did something special.

Since golf is a handicap game… and handicap is based upon honest scoring (supposedly)… then why not be 12 with persimmon and blades, instead of a 10 with
the tricycle clubs.

My bet is that you will find yourself playing to an 8 with persimmon before you know it. Having to check your ego at the clubhouse gate, might be the best thing
to get you thinking strategy, rather than how far can you hit a pitching wedge. Nothing wrong with being the sly fox who keeps the ball in play while your opponent
are looking for their errant over inflated drives. Just the thought that you might want to think a bit about positioning the ball around the course based
upon your own abilities can be a quick score dropper… and the feedback you get from a real set of golf clubs is exactly the recipe your nervous system needs
for trial and error based improvement. It’s just simply the way the universe works.

Hit a frying pan? sure… but not because you need it to find the sweetspot.


Well said…flush is flush regardless of what one uses…just have to adjust to the different feel, sounds, flight, etc, with the modern stuff.

The only point I would argue is that most people using a “frying pan” use one because they can’t find the sweet spot even if you put a persimmon wood in
there hands with the head the size of avacado- their motion won’t allow it. If we had to hammer a nail into a board with a actual frying pan, we better hit that nail
with the precise sweet spot on the frying pan or the nail will most certainly bend.

The thing I don’t like about the oversize drivers is that the faces don’t hold up for very long with sweet spot contact- they start cracking- then ya gotta buy
another. At least with persimmon you can change the insert.

Anyway…well said. RR

My post was just a bit of fun even though I’m starting to question ‘whether new is better’ and ‘just because we can it doesn’t me we should’.

Lag, in your reply you have summed up your position perfectly. In the end all I want to do is to become a better ball striker in the hope that I will enjoy the game on a whole other level, which is why I’m here.



and that is why I am here too… to teach you all how to hit the ball FLUSH!!!


Anth, I give you 20/20 cricket. Not sure if you are a big fan of cricket or not, but give yourself a quick run down of what you think 20/20’s mean to cricket as a sport before you read on.

To me, it’s similar to titanium and cavity backs. It’s taking something pure and watering it down for the masses who don’t appreciate the finer skills of cricket. There are a lot of cricket skills that are completely lost when playing a 20/20 cricket match. Patience, stamina, all sorts of strategy and many cricket skills are completely unused in this form of the game.

Yet it’s getting people to games of cricket, and making people a lot of money. Administrators could sit there and say “it’s not pure cricket, therefore we’ll just play it rarely and focus on real cricket.” But it’s much easier, more profitable and more publicly acceptable for them to say “let’s embrace this, and play a lot more 20/20 matches.”

Pretty soon, my son or perhaps grandson if I’m lucky, will laugh when I mention I used to enjoy watching a true test of skill that was 5 day test match cricket, rather than a 2 hour luckfest involving both cricket skills of hitting 6’s and stopping 6’s being hit.

that 20/20 cricket is very much in line with the bomb and gouge style of golf- just beat the ball with little regard for control and direction