Hubert Green

I’ve been a huge fan of Huberts pants for many years now.

Hubert Green.gif






Perhaps doesn’t fit the model 100% post impact but wow what a transition!!!

Two extremes would be Green and Floyd.
Green would sometimes go beyond vertical from P1 to P2.
Floyd would have his shaft sitting on a table top at P1. 90 degree difference.

You can rotate the forearms early or rotate them late. Both ways can work… and everything in between.
We don’t hit the ball on the backswing.

Learning good impact dynamics will help one find their right backswing. Backswings are more like snowflakes.


This is about as opposite as two backswings could be… but right before impact at P3, not much difference.
Two great players here.

There is a lot of talk about on plane backswings being a critical part of great ballstriking. I disagree.
How either of these actions end up working through transition is what’s critical.