How to stay in Rhythm?

During a round , how do you stay in rhythm?
I got the tempo part down, but what I mean by rhythm is that some days I feel like I have a 1…2 swing
other days I have 1…2…3 swing.
When I have both that day it can be confusing.

Lately I been shuffing my feet , doing like a 2 step or 3 step depending on my rhythm at the time or consciusly counting out loud as part of my set up routine.
Any other tips to stay in rhythm?

Swingers tend to be more subjected to the volatility of rhythm issues. Hitters, not nearly as much.
One of the reasons I teach hitting… is exactly this issue. Especially if you don’t get a chance to play golf everyday or a few times a week.

If you choose to swing… then there are things like breathing exercises and various concentration exercises you can learn to keep focus and your body in equilibrium. Staying relaxed and focused under pressure is more difficult swinging from my experience and opinion.

I would rather just learn good hitting technique that embraces the fight or flight human response that seems most prevalent in most of us.

This swinging vs hitting is another dicotomy that frankly confuses me
I used to play tennis and it reminds me of the two handed back hand vs one handed backhanded debate/discussion
Kinda like Sampress one handed backhand vs Aggasi two handed backhand
I dont really no what is better but I know what I’m capable of doing. Or my body can allow me too
Hitting seems always a good option

Having consistent rhythm really helps.
There is even some players that describe a 1…2…3…4 beat pattern
I will try to stick to one pattern for a round


Check out this thread in the private section if you can…If you can’t let us know

Has/Does anyone use the Tour Tempo system/iPhone app?

Thanks for the reference but I can’t get access to the link

Think of the hands and forearm rotation as either working as active motors… or passive hinges.
Have you read through the hitting vs swinging thread here?