How could these two pics lead to a miss left? Kind of a quiz

Couple more…
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Congrats on your fine play flatlies, very happy for you… Well, this was from a couple years ago, excellent observation… My footwork has improved due to accelerating my body through the shot… I used to expend all my energy too early and dump the clubhead… This was also before I changed my gear as well… Imagine letting the air out of a balloon, that’s what happened post impact hence no clubface control… Now I picture it as a balloon that has no air then gets filled up quickly through the ball if that makes sense… Now that I’m accelerating my body through impact and beyond, I haven’t touched the turf behind the ball in a long time… You know how Hogan had that beautiful extension post impact? I’m starting to feel that now and realized I never hit a pure shot in my competitive days… Had it one day could go low, then shoot 80 the next… Now practicing is fun… :slight_smile: My swing looks nothing like Furyk, but through the ball I picture his move and it works wonders… I worked a lot on my short game through the years, and glad I did, because everything is coming together…

Your entry in these two is the best, looks great how open the face is coming into 4:30. I would imagine when you are hitting well with that entry postition that you do not miss the center much. When you post something I think of the course records with persimmon. Inspiring, like stuff like that with a complete disregard for acceptence and what normal is now. Mac O Grady is one my favorites for this reason, I know nothing of his teachings but takes guts to play a modern event with persimmons and 74 Hogans and finish with a top 5. If Hogan were playing he would wax the floor with modern players, he would be winning tournaments by 10+ if using modern equipment and laughing at how the difficulty has been taken out of the game.