hogan cameo or golden ram

Does anyone know if the shafts in the HOGAN white cameos were any good or not.
I have two sets of contenders for my abs set ,

  1. Hogan White cameo ( can’t see a number on the shaft)

  2. Golden Ram tour grind frequency matched

Any thoughts on which would be better gamers abs spec’d?

Right now just messing around with lead tape and having difficulty getting them to correct swing weight without being substantially heavier than abs spec? How is this achieved?
Are the shafts aluminum ? I am using larger heavier grip size.

Anyone recommend someone in the Indianapolis area for weighting / bending ?

ram.jpgtake a look

found this hogan bag on ebay in this cool white to match the cameo’s

Those are both very good sets.
I would go with the set with the stiffer shafts.
Just flex the 3 irons of both sets, that should tell you something.

Then measure the dead weights of each club. You can just use a postage scale.

Flattening and changing the lofts can often add offset. So if that is the case, you can always send them over to us
to fix that if necessary.

Well I took the rams out to the west coast and LOVED the heavier feel. Also shot my best round ever! Shafts are precision 6.5’s. I made them really heavy to get the right swing weight because I use large heavy grips.
I realize the 6 iron is the same loft and length as a modern 7 iron so I expect to be be one club off but I ended up two clubs shorter I think because of the extra weight ( they are heavier than johns m85’s!) I know its a weakness but the -2 clubs is hard on the ego!

So my question is should I reshaft with longer shafts and use lighter grips to keep the same SW and loose a little dead weight to get my distance back a bit? If so would I use tapers or parallel tips ? Im guessing x100? Im a little scared of the x100’s because s300 just feel so dead to me? Maybe Im forgetting about the added weight and it brings them to life.

YOUR input is greatly appreciated? I apologize I know there is a lot of stuff going on here! Trying to get a set of gamers I’m totally happy with before the snow melts lol

I am not an expert but you said you shot your best score with the clubs as is, so while going lighter may give you a few more yards it really may not be worth it.
Secondly, I have found that it is better to error on the side of heavy/control over lighter/distance, especially because your irons are your scoring clubs. It doesn’t matter how far you hit them, it is only important to hit the ball close to the flag.
However, if you are really curious and you could always give it a try with just one club and see how it feels and if your performance improves.
All I can say is that I shot some of my best scores ever last year after going with a heavier driver, so like I said I think it is better to error on the heavy side of things unless you don’t have the strength/stamina to handle the weight over the course of a round.
Just my 2 cents

Thanks K2baloo I get and thanks for the sound advice.

Coming from being a swinger I think Im just going through some evolutionary growing pains!!

Kindest, Ian B