Hit Straight Turn Left

I was reading through many of Lag’s post one night and came across one that was very much of interest to me. He stated he had seen many great ball strikers to swung on a very flat shoulder plane(turning hard left), while at the same time driving the right arm down the line. I’ve been experimenting with this method lately with pretty good success. In fast as career underpland drop kick hooker/pusher, this has assisted me in straightening out my ball flight, even getting the occasional beautiful power fade I’ve been looking for.

I’d love to hear Lag’s thoughts on this method and any others who’ve tried it?


For better or for worse, the ball doesn’t lie… especially if it does the same thing over and over again…

The right arm straightening out on the downswing is key to turning level with the shoulders and not coming OTT.
It’s a tricky move… and even more trickier the more upright the backswing. If you work the club flat on the backswing,
then it’s not as big an issue to have to straighten the right arm as actively and as far down. Some people can feel this move like Hal Sutton or O’ Grady, but for those who find it difficult, I suggest going flat and working module #1.

For those not familiar with what I was talking about, here is Lag’s initial quote on the subject.

“On top of that, you have to learn what I believe to be the most difficult swing move in all of golf. Straightening the right arm out quickly on the downswing…while the torso turns flat or at right angles to the spine or axis. It’s a great move to master though, because if you can do it, you can’t ever get over the top of the shot and pull it.
For those who are still confused, it feels like you are coming right over the top to hit a big pull shot, but instead, that hands move straight down, as if they are going to land in your right hip pocket, but your shoulders are turning as flat a a 15th century spanish globe.”

I’m working on this and the hardest part for me has been trusting that I can turn left and won’t pull the ball.


That’s a real pearl. Do you know where /when that was posted?

Thanks/ eagle

Eagle, it was part of the “Let’s talk Golf Machine” thread. Which I believe may be the best thread I’ve ever seen on a golf site.

All kinds of jewels in there.

Be careful, tball…I deposited some well placed cubic zirconia, 2 ct. diamonelles, and breath-taking costume jewelry in the same thread just for effect. :wink:

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