H&B Powerbilt Irons

Hey guys,

Lots of buzz around Macgregors, Hogans, Wilsons, and other vintage iron makers, but I haven’t read anything about Powerbilt irons. I have a chance to acquire clubs like these, but I do not know anything about them. I know the H&B Powerbilt woods are solid, and the seller has some of those too that I will buy. Thanks, and sorry for the terrible picture, it’s what was advertised.


A good buddy of mine who could really stripe the golf ball used these all throughout his high school years. I see them around, the shafts seem to be very short in length, like 37.25" for a 5-iron. That may be good if you re-shaft them to normal lengths…make them really heavy. He swore by them, but he wound up getting phased out of the game once the oversized drivers came into play because just about anybody could pick up distance.