Guess which Driver is going in the trash..

Both? :laughing:

What kind of heads are those? You managed to flatten that one a lot. Looks good.

I knew someone would say both… haha. They’re both Titleist 983k heads… Neil made one nice and flat for me to play on longer tracks, I hit the hell out of it and can work it both ways without it hooking off the planet… I get an extra 25 yards or so compared to my persimmon and have a game tomorrow on a 7400 yard track, so can use the yards…

Nice. What’s the lie angle on that one?

I picked up a few Titleist 975D drivers this last week. Going to try bending a few like NRG shows in the thread.

Already cracked my R7 I tried but found another R5 to try too.

I’ll update over there when I get it bent or broken. :laughing:

Let’s see if you break any course records with that driver!

50 degree lie angle… NRG (Neil) bent two for me, I have a 976R Driver also that I can hit off the deck, plays like a long fairway wood at 9 degrees… I don’t have the tools to adjust equipment, but thinking of buying some stuff to put in my basement…

Thanks for the info.

I got a few Taylormade Burner plus metal woods (the ancient early 90’s model made of steel with the long metal hosel), driver and 3 wood that I was able to cold bend. They are the same size CC wise as a persimmon. They don’t go any farther than my persimmons but they do go nice. That was a pre-test for me to see if I could swing them that flat (50 and 54 degrees) and I can. Especially off the fairway with that 3 wood. Man that goes like a bullet.

I am also working on flattening a persimmon driver. Got it bored out and reshafted to 50 degrees. I rebuilt up the neck to make it look smooth in the head to shaft transition. Just need to stain it, clear coat and then put the whipping on. Too many projects, too little time… :laughing:

You should get a loft/lie machine and bending bar for your irons. You can tweak the loft/lie any time and will probably need to tweak them over time since forged irons do tend to move on you. Also you friends might want some adjustments on their clubs after seeing what you have done.

At 5-10 bucks a club to get adjusted, it pays for itself very quickly. Definitely worth the investment.

" Also you friends might want some adjustments on their clubs after seeing what you have done." … No, want to keep taking their $$$ :smiley:

Well, you could adjust your friends irons more upright like the Pros and modern equipment manufacturers do and take even more of their money.

Then it really would pay for itself.:laughing:

Ha… I got some wedges flattened to 59 degrees at a shop today, sit perfect now, they were 63 degrees… Guy didn’t even ask accept, “Sole it for me” after he bent em down… “Best thing you could have done is have them sit correctly on the ground”… Then I started talking about how I have woods and irons the same way, and he doesn’t understand the logic behind modern standards and this guy was about 20 yrs old. He had pictures of Hogan, Snead, Nelson at impact and said you can’t get there with upright equipment. Refreshing…

Sounds like you got very lucky and found a club fitter that knows what’s up (or down :wink: ). Rare, especially for a young guy. Most have gotten the “religion” of upright, light and whippy and won’t listen to even their own customers when it comes to club fitting. Most freak out if you want to go lower than 1 degree flat from “standard”. Ask them for 6 flat and you just blow their minds. Can’t even comprehend what you just asked them.

Bought my own loft/lie machine to not have to deal with that. Plus I’ve gotten several sets of older irons that I have bent to ABS specs. Real cheap to do when you pick em up at Goodwill for just a few bucks each. I spend more money on the new grip that I do for the club itself.

I bent my wedges lie angle to 58 degrees from the 64 they were set at. Don’t know how many pitch ins and how many flag sticks I’ve hit with them since. My golfing buddy calls me “Seve” around the greens. Can’t think of a better compliment. :smiley:

One thing I’ve learned is, saying… “I need this club at a so and so lie”… I don’t use the word “flat”… I know what your saying, my short game has improved as well… If I feel I make a bad swing with the short irons, ball just cuts a little instead of going left… If this makes sense, my misses before with a bad swing was left then curving left… If I miss it now it’s a good miss just to the right even if the swing felt awful. My swing feeling is keeping the clubhead low to the ground both back and through while rotating. Some people say they lose distance with persimmon drivers and fairway woods, my length hasn’t changed overall because I don’t look at a few drives, I look at the big picture over a period of time… I’m longer and a lot more accurate now over the course of several rounds… The 983K Neil made for me gives me even 20-30 more and can control it and use it on longer courses… There is a beautiful golf course called Ravisloe Country Club, Donald Ross reworked it back in the day… I play it about once a week… 6400 yards but penal as hell if you miss fairways and greens… Then I’ll go to a longer track like Olympia Fields CC and it looks wide open… (not easy by any means)… When I played Olympia Fields North a week or so ago, the caddy was great, handed me the 2 iron on several holes and took my bag and walked away and didn’t say a word… Too funny… He was right also… Enough rambling. Cheers… :smiley: